Monday, January 20, 2014

13.1 mile run from the last Corral perspective

My life is full of surprises so when I was asked if I wanted some Disney Bling I responded most positively yes!
My friend David and I in the last corral...
The only clause was we were starting in Corral F, now to those who do not know what that means it means we have 13,000 runners in front of us! and we are in the last of the last Corral....
finally the start line
Tinker Bell

when we finally arrived at the start line the race had started 40 minutes prior! We were so far back we had not even heard the National Anthem and missed Minnie and Mickey Mouse!

The race announcer Rudy was funny, he shouted out WE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!! there is only one thing you have to remember you must run 16 minute miles to officially finish the 13.1 mile run...There was no Disney Characters on the stage and then to begin the F wave rave Tinker bell flew across the screen...

this is what the A Corral saw....
About 5.5 miles of the race was run through Californian Adventure and Disneyland. I had hoped to see more traditional characters... I was running with David Sanders a friend of mine who had just ran the Dopey Challenge a week prior and we could not get into a good running pace due to the mass of people in front of us dressed in tutus, and fairy wings etc.... so we accepted our fate and took a few pics in side the theme park.
The Castle

still dark

Its a small world...

Mile 5!!! OH MY is that the time!!!
The Red Hat Society.       

The ladies in the Red Hat Society were out in force as we left the park and poured out into Anaheim/ Disney Walk ...finally we would be able to run a little faster it was pretty amazing the amount of people running along the streets. The aid stations had lots of water and energy drinks... I kept with my Hammer Nutrition and took some endurolytes, I was not feeling great I had a little headache and my legs were just shuffling along!!

The final 7 miles were physically and mentally draining! It had been so cold in the am, we had stood for an hour 15 in the corral and now I was asking my legs to run after we had been walking faster than we were jogging in some parts...

David posed with Batman spectator!

We thought this sign was super funny!

Mile 7 down we can see road ahead!

Rudy, Pluto and I just before the finish..
 Most runners had already gone back to their homes/hotels when we ran up to the finish line, a little under the 3 hour mark, was super nice to see Rudy whose birthday was today and Pluto greet us it was a Kodak moment for sure!
All this pain for this medal.....was it real!

Adriana, David and I with our much earned Bling.


The magical castle   

Yes I had fun it was cool to run through Californian Adventure and see Disneyland in the early morning....Starting in the last wave definitely was a different half marathon experience. I saw people who were pushing the limits of their fitness to finish, some were power walking others were jogging, some were run/walking. A lot were walking with a loved one enjoying the Disney experience. Some were running for loved ones. If you run a Disney event either start in the A Corral or be prepared to soak up the Disney experience toss out the watch and take your camera!
Big thanks to David Sanders for the Disney experience much appreciated.
 Thanks to Hammer Nutrition, Polar USA, Fuel Belt, Rudy Project USA, Brooks Running, Kool n Fit and Ocean Potion sun care.

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