Saturday, January 18, 2014

Running for Meg January 18th 2014.

 Today I ran with Hammer my little min pin for 5 miles, when my friend Lynn brought to my attention to dedicate my run to Meg Cross Menzies, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning run on January 13, 2014. As an avid runner, member of the Richmond running club and Boston marathoner, she was a member of the running family nationwide. So in her honor today many people ran miles to raise awareness of drunk driving, text ing and driving, and overall safety of runners and cyclists everywhere. 
Hammer and I take in the sunshine
Hammer and I ran 5 miles and we had a few little things happen which I would like to share with you all.

1. I dress Hammer in a highly reflective yellow vest I want people and cars to see him he is also on a leash .

2. I have learnt through a life time of running never to trust a vehicle on the road..Call it gut instinct but I believe that the DMV should make a new rule no cars can do a right hand turn on RED and must wait to see if the green man is on to allow pedestrians, runners to cross.

3. Today I trusted my gut instinct and twice hesitated to cross on a green man as vehicles were turning right and the driver was looking frustrates me and sometimes the drivers can be rude.
Hammer and I stop and wait to cross a busy road.

4. Run against traffic, and warn others when you are approaching especially when with a min pin!

Drunk Drivers, Drivers text ing while driving. Drivers not paying attention to the road and lights etc.. e all are dangerous my heart and prayers go out to Megs family and friends.

Thanks Lynn for bringing this very sad story to my attention and sadly dedicate this 5 mile run to a special female runner whose life ended too early. Although I did not know Meg, she is remembered by a HUGE community of people through social media who for one day ran in her memory and that is pretty powerful.

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  1. Well done Suzy and Hammer. I ran for Meg yesterday too. It's so heartbreaking!