Thursday, April 14, 2016

LA Marathon Olympic Trials

Although Hammer my Run Happy Min Pin could not go to help at the Trials he was at home watching on the big screen.
Well in the Month of February I ran Surf City Half in honor of my friend that past away.. the following week was LA Marathon and up until Surf City I had good training in for a good race..
Unfortunately I injured my left Antilles Tendon and after a whole week of rest ice elevation and therapy thought I would go any way...

Saturday musings
I volunteered to help with the Brooks Running Photo booth during the marathon trials so while the best marathoners in the World were duking it out down town I was supporting the cheering squads!
Police move in to get the course safe

So Cal Pacers get ready

Me all Brooked out with my friends.

Run Happy Folks

My Canadian Friend Ellis

Watching the race unfold with wide screens

Say Run Happy

Road to Rio

Brooks ID Coaches share a smile

Kona Running...

So Cal Pacer Family


Pre Olympic Trials ra ra ra

Enjoyed the day it was a long day on my feet I met some incredible athletes and loved seeing all the So Cal Pacers come by and join in the celebration and fun. It is rewarding to give back and I love Brooks Shoes and I am also a Brooks ID Coach and a certified RRCA Running Coach.

Run Happy Be Happy Run Smart.

The Olympic Trials in downtown LA were awesome to watch.

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