Sunday, May 26, 2013

a day at the races....Nanny Goat Style

Racing Nanny Goat is a little like watching a huge orchestrated horse race, the Kentucky Derby comes to mind only it is not horses with names like secretariat racing but two legged animals called Ultra runners and from the stalls the horses are watching the show...
I needed to put my blinders on I could not believe I was watching 225 humans pretending to be race horses!!
 All joking aside Nanny Goat is the brain child of Steve and Annie Harvey two amazing race directors, their passion for producing a fun event such as Nanny Goat is over whelming and their chosen charity is Wounded Warriors Since it's inception the Nanny Goat has raised over $38,500 for the Wounder Warrior Project; they hope to hit at least $50,000 in 2013.
With Steve at the end of running 50 miles.
 So you may be thinking what is the race all about it is really very simple, 225 runners get together on the Sexton Horse Ranch, a mile loop is out lined, passing through a barn which is were a timing mat is placed and race HQ, on leaving the barn the runners run in a loop, passing Ranch dogs napping in the middle of the path, horses are watching from the fields and the wild chickens are hiding out. 
Race Barn HQ
On Friday afternoon the fun begins with runners camping out and claiming Stalls, a minimum of 5 runners to a stall, this was the 5th year and a record number of runners, after signing in and getting a cool Nanny Goat t shirt, tattoo & beer mug we had a magnetic wrist band and every time we passed the timing mat our name and number of miles would appear on the wall.
Race Re Cap
Steve had all the runners enter a pen!! Yup we were corralled like cattle into an open pen, Steve went over a few simple rules if you run 12 hours your time will reflect time and mileage if you run 12 hours and one minute you will be entered in the 24 hour run and then there is an option for 100 miles. the National Anthem was sang beautifully and we were off through the barn and out of the door the loop began.
  My plan was simple to tread carefully as I was supposed to rest my foot from uphill running...and try to finish 50 laps which would be 50 miles and if possible do the last lap with Abigail my 5 year old grand daughter who would be here at 6pm.
After my first five miles I took a Hammer gel and my endurolytes, race cap supremes anti fatigue caps and Endurance amino. I had a self contained aid station but also loved that the race was sponsored by Hammer Nutrition and Heed and FIZZ was available too. After 10 miles I started sipping perpetuem and by the time I had finished the 50 miles I had also eaten 2 Hammer Chocolate Vegan Hammer bars and some almonds.
Mile 32 and still smiling... the sun came out!
Every mile I met a new running friend or I caught up with an old friend it really was not too bad and was great to see so many new and old faces! Every one had a story to share and was amazing to watch the top ultra runners keep on ticking off fast laps. One runner Leon Gray had literally been hit by a bus and managed to walk 26 miles considering he only made one mile last year that was an inspirational feat of perseverance.
Leon Gray was hit by a bus his t shirt said what is your excuse!
The whole 50 miles was an unbelievable experience, there was plenty of good food and water available and when the temperature began getting hot, Popsicle s appeared in the ice chests! Steve and Annie had all the bases covered, even hosing down the fine dirt and dust we runners were kicking up!
I sprayed my legs with Kool n Fit every few miles and slip slap slopped on the Ocean Potion,  I kept my heart rate around 135/140 through out the whole event and very grateful my foot never caused problems. 
At mile 42 I called my daughter in law they had not left yet so I decided to take my camera and take the next few miles at a more leisurely pace so I could run the last 50 with Abigail.
The "Jester" ran his 500th mile at Nanny Goat he has done all 5 consecutive Nanny Goats!
 I have to say the highlight of my run would have to be seeing Abigail and have her company to run the last loop, and she gave me a run for my money!
Abigail in her Hammer Nutrition t shirt in full stride!!!
Rainer and I at the finish with our medals

All smiles resting in my stable really shocked to be in 3rd place for 50 miles!
My ultra running buddy Paul Halliday
Tired feet and dusty feet!
Happy winner of a Polar FT7!
After I had left the venue, runners kept on completing loops through the night to reach 24 hours, and some completing a 100 miles or more! they were tantalized by BBQ aromas of veggie burgers and tri tip, spaghetti and cup o noddles. Each runner received a beautiful medal that could be doubled as a magnet the 100 mile finishers received a Nanny Goat buckle.

I will be back next year hopefully to participate again in the Woodstock of Ultra running where real men run in Pink, rooters crow and horses watch in utter dis belief, the real story is the money raised for Wounded Warriors and the Sextons for letting the Ultra runners invade that one mile loop. A friendly race for children and year Hammer will run too for his own medal.
Hammer was sad not to run we will fix that for next year!
A special thanks to Juan Nunez and Tina for the lift to Nanny Goat, also to Hammer Nutrition, Brooks Running, Fuel Belt, Polar USA, Rudy Project USA, Ocean Potion sun care, Kool n Fit, to Shelli Sexton for opening her horse ranch to this incredible cause. Big Mahalo to Steve & Annie Harvey and ALL the goat volunteers who made the race/event possible.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Heartbreak 100

Rory and I all smiles at mile 70 (thanks Steve for the pic)
Late Thursday evening my friend Rory text message came through...hey Suzy want to ride a century on Saturday treat?
Mmm; I thought... I was planning a scuba trip, but it was canceled and then planned on helping a tri clinic that was canceled too, I had no excuse other than that I had not done any specific training for a 100 mile ride and that would be my longest ride of 2013! By Friday noon I was registered and thought oh my what have I got my self into!
Love my Kool n Fit and Rock Tape
Saturday morning arrived and my right foot was not a happy foot I was having a little pain which I did not like but figured once it was in my bike shoe it would be secure and snug......
the views were breathtaking

I had a blast going through the National Park
 Heartbreak is not exactly an easy 100 miler there is quite a bit of climbing and it actually begins from mile one to mile 20 with a nice gradual uphill a few rollers and uphill to Apache Saddle, I could recuperate and fill up my bottles with fresh water I also ate a Hammer Vegan bar which I really liked.

There were only a few stops in this 100 mile event organized by Planet Ultra, 4 stops in all and well spaced out, we wasted a lot of time at mile 52 as there was only one bathroom..... but apart from that, all the aid stations were fully stocked with my favorite Nutritional product you guessed it Perpetuem, Sustained Energy, Heed and Hammer gels!!! it was a smorgasbord of Hammer Products. I had already enough to get me through the event as I multi bottled on my fuel. Just needing water and take in my endurolytes.

hammer hammer mile 52!
 I was a little worried I would not make the ride with the way my foot was I could not stand up on my pedals and it hurt to clip in and clip out but while riding it just went through the motion! I felt great and Rory was fun to cycle with and was great cycling with Steve Meichtry this guy has over 130 ultra cycling events to his name! and rode 200 miles that day! 
I fueled entirely on  Perpetuem Hammer Vegan Bars and Endurolytes, I had no issues with my nutrition today and was really happy I had accepted Rorys invitation and was so cool to see a lot of familiar faces. The climbs were not that bad and the weather was perfect, we did have a little head wind at the beginning of the ride and the long stretches of downhill were really not that bad and the whole day was just perfect for cycling meeting old friends and making new friends!
After the event was over Planet Ultra put on a great BBQ, I was able to enjoy a really nice veggie burger and enjoyed catching up on the adventures we all had had while cycling heartbreak! I was so happy to take off my bike shoes and put on my comfy Brooks Launch!

Huge thanks to Hammer Nutrition, Serfas Tires, Polar Heart Rate Monitors, Rudy Project USA, Williams Wheels, Fuelbelt, Ocean Potion suncare, Profile Design, Brooks USA and TRIALL3Sports !
Below is from my Polar RCX5.

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bonelli Tri Relay adventures.

Hammer poses with two pairs of Brooks shoes Mine ore the Launch and Al likes the GTX  and two participant medals!

This year I had decided with Al to do the tri Events Championship series as a relay team, mainly as I like being with AL and it gives us a nice morning together I love to swim and run he likes to bike so perfect combination!
AL and I put up a Polar Booth and after the event we also had lots of Hammer Nutrition samples for the triathletes too.
We arrived and immediately put up the Hammer Nutrition booth and all the Polar products I collected our race number and we just barely made the transition and body marking! 
Hammer practicing his open water swimming....
I was in the yellow wave which meant I had the chance to swim with the men and other mixed relay teams. The swim was 1000 meters (felt like 2000) But was awesome swimming  with the men as they never kicked or swam over me! I took the last yellow buoy too wide but did not panic just swam my way back on course. As I was exiting the water I had a hard time standing and fell into the lake again!

Once out of the swim I whipped off my wet suit and ran to were Al was waiting for me I put on the timing chip around his ankle and he was off on his bike. Mean while I was able to get into dry clothes for the run segment and enjoy watching the tri express athletes make there way out on the bikes and watch returning athletes get ready for the run.
Applying the Ocean Potion suncare spray it was shaping up to be a hot run!

I took lots of pictures of my friends racing and began to wonder where AL was after 45 mins....he had two cracked ribs but I knew he is usually faster then I saw his aero Rudy Helmet and I took the timing chip from him as he explained he had a mechanical....* do not race on a new bike without checking it out first!! no big deal.
The run was 8.8km I know a weird distance but oh so much fun I had my fuel belt and the first mile went by very quickly as I ran through little Vietnam, beautiful shade a small creek crossing before I knew it I had ran 2 miles, I was running at a good pace I had a nasty headache and just needed to run to be over!
At mile 3 I took a Hammer gel and two endurolytes that probably saved me right there!! And very soon I was running the final 1/4 mile to the finish line, I could here Paul Romero mentioning my name and really saying nice things about me to every one!! And suddenly it was over...finished...I felt like Forrest Gump...and I just stopped running....

The Polar /Hammer Nutrition Booth
 After the race was over I went over to the booth and with AL we answered questions on heart rate training and I also had samples of the Hammer Nutrition bars to share with the athletes and Fizz so they could try out the bars. The favorite bar was Vegan Chocolate peanut. and the most asked about Polar monitor was the RCX5.

FT7 Polar monitors to raffle off

Hammer Peeps Ben & Lauren Lovelace, and Ambassadors Troy & I
AL and I had a fun morning talking to friends and racing, shame about the mechanical but we were happy to finish in 4th Relay team and 2nd in mixed masters! The enjoyment of the race was being able to watch young children compete, see your friends and be able to help and pass on knowledge so other triathletes may benefit.
Thank You Caroline and Bill for an amazing event venue.

Thanks to a great husband we had fun and so did Hammer and Cookie.
I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful life style and a husband who is willing to do the triathlon with me with two cracked ribs! Another beautiful day in Paradise. Huge shout out to my amazing sponsors without whom I would have been able to compete all these years!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wildflower Long Course

The One and Only May 4th 2013
Race evening and a sleepless horrible night with a bad morning is for another post keeping focused on an amazing Wildflower here is my story!
Getting ready to tri!
All smiles my friend Jodi and I check out the swim start!

Not quite sure how I managed to be standing amongst Navy Blue swim caps waiting for the 40 to 49 Women to begin the 1.2 mile swim at Lake Antonio but yup I certainly was there my bike racked, my espresso hammer gel working its magic in my body and goggles ready suddenly a signal was heard and we all moved like a mass of black neoprene clad sea lions towards the liquid of the lake.

Lots of bikes sun is out and my swim wave begins at 9.25am!

SWIM: It does not matter where I start in the swim it is always like swimming in a washing machine! Not that I would know what it is like to swim in a washing machine but as soon as I began swimming I had a hand slap into my neck and the next moment a hand grab my foot! ARRR I thought here we go let’s play the game and swim on!  It really was not a bad swim I swam at a comfortable pace and could always see the buoys ahead lots of different colored caps bobbed in front of my vision, but I only focused on the large orange triangular buoy I need to turn at. Soon Pink caps were over taking this was the relay wave and fast swimmers too, as I approached the final buoy before turning into the finish chute all I could see was a mass of arms and caps….the mountain bike triathletes were exiting at the same time and it was chaos for a few minutes but finally I was standing upright un zipping my wet suit and running up the slope towards the bike transition I felt good! I had survived the swim, the next task was to run up a slight slope from the lake to T

BIKE: I ran into the HUGE transition I knew 2607 was the last rack and someone had hung a balloon on the end of the rack, but that did not stop me running right past my bike!! Realizing almost immediately I turned around and found my synapse, took a hammer gel, water & endurolytes.  Helmet check…Rudy Fluros Check.. Bike shoes..yup!  I ran towards the BIKE OUT exit. After going through the finish chute the bike course starts to climb the problem was not so much the hill but all the mountain bikers who shared the same course for the first half a mile or so as soon at the MNT bikers turned onto the trail; Lynch Hill was in full view.. full of triathletes climbing the Hill, it was a beautiful day and I just visioned Glendora Mnt Road I was able to get into a nice climbing rhythm, and before long I was at the top of the climb and exiting the park! I could not believe that so soon into the race there was a topless female waving a sign at the cyclists half way up the climb…going to be a fun day I thought!
Considering my lack of cycling for this event I had a remarkable time on the 56 mile ride! I have to give a shout out to the organization of Wildflower as it seemed like every 6 to 10 miles there was an aid station all extremely well stocked I took advantage of this as I already had a multi bottle of perpetuem and had my endurolytes I only needed water and I made sure at every station I took a bottle of water, it was really a hot day and keeping hydrated would save me on the run that I was sure of!
The bike ride is fun lots of rolling hills two very rapid descents and some strong short but sweet climbs from 1 to 4 miles. I had my trusty road bike which seemed to respond well to the challenges of the course profile. The scenery was awesome, I had forgotten how beautiful it was lots of meadows, and cattle very  little traffic. The miles just clicked by! I had a little issue with my feet cramping always do so I cycled for 5 miles with my feet on top of my shoes! The last 5 miles went by super-fast I was so excited to be able to be inside the park and actually see runners!!  I carefully navigated the steep downhill to transition 2. Woo Hoo no flats no crashes I had arrived safely!
The manicure would survive!
RUN. I racked my Cannondale in its correct place, quickly changed into my shoes I opted no socks, Hammer Visor on grabbed my fuel belt with race number and jogged to the sign RUNNERS OUT.
The run went well it was mostly trails and I had chosen to run in Brooks Launch a great shoe for trails and light.the first half mile was challenging and just after a mile I had to stop and really stretch out my right foot, having super high arches I am prone to my big toe to spasm, once I worked out the issue it was a fun run!!
Every mile there were well stocked aid stations, again I had my Hammer Nutrition dialed in via my fuel belt I just needed water. with 80% trails and it seemed like all climbing and very little descent it made for a beautiful run. The weather was really hot and I kept thinking of running in Hawaii or Puerto Rico this was probably milder! The views of the lake and awesome running trails were highlighted by the students which manned the aid stations, as always some where there will be naked male specimens handing out water with a smile and high five to make you giggle, blush and run faster!! I enjoyed the run especially the energy of the spectators as we ran through the camp sites and various tri clubs clapping and shouting out words or encouragement! the last mile is Lynch Hill downhill, I let myself fly down this last hill as I entered the chute I was engulfed in claps and lots of noise as I ran over the 13 mile timing mat I heard my name being called out....woo hoo just over 2 hours and I had finally finished, I wiped a small tear of joy from the corner of my eye another half iron distance event in the bag and an awesome medal! Life is good!!! Time for recoverite and post race celebrations!
the medal!


A huge thanks to my husband Al for this birthday gift and Jodi for getting me to sign up as a late entry I truly had a blast and really happy I did the event. I had a total time of 6:23:13 good enough for 8th place in the 45-49 age group and 86th woman over all!! I will happily take those numbers!
Thank you to Hammer Nutrition, Rudy Project, Polar Monitors, Brooks Running, Aquaman Wetsuits, Williams Wheels, Ocean Potion, Fuel Belt, Serfas tires, Foggle, Kool n Fit, Profile Design Bars, Covina Masters Aquatics.