Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bonelli Tri Relay adventures.

Hammer poses with two pairs of Brooks shoes Mine ore the Launch and Al likes the GTX  and two participant medals!

This year I had decided with Al to do the tri Events Championship series as a relay team, mainly as I like being with AL and it gives us a nice morning together I love to swim and run he likes to bike so perfect combination!
AL and I put up a Polar Booth and after the event we also had lots of Hammer Nutrition samples for the triathletes too.
We arrived and immediately put up the Hammer Nutrition booth and all the Polar products I collected our race number and we just barely made the transition and body marking! 
Hammer practicing his open water swimming....
I was in the yellow wave which meant I had the chance to swim with the men and other mixed relay teams. The swim was 1000 meters (felt like 2000) But was awesome swimming  with the men as they never kicked or swam over me! I took the last yellow buoy too wide but did not panic just swam my way back on course. As I was exiting the water I had a hard time standing and fell into the lake again!

Once out of the swim I whipped off my wet suit and ran to were Al was waiting for me I put on the timing chip around his ankle and he was off on his bike. Mean while I was able to get into dry clothes for the run segment and enjoy watching the tri express athletes make there way out on the bikes and watch returning athletes get ready for the run.
Applying the Ocean Potion suncare spray it was shaping up to be a hot run!

I took lots of pictures of my friends racing and began to wonder where AL was after 45 mins....he had two cracked ribs but I knew he is usually faster then I saw his aero Rudy Helmet and I took the timing chip from him as he explained he had a mechanical....* do not race on a new bike without checking it out first!! no big deal.
The run was 8.8km I know a weird distance but oh so much fun I had my fuel belt and the first mile went by very quickly as I ran through little Vietnam, beautiful shade a small creek crossing before I knew it I had ran 2 miles, I was running at a good pace I had a nasty headache and just needed to run to be over!
At mile 3 I took a Hammer gel and two endurolytes that probably saved me right there!! And very soon I was running the final 1/4 mile to the finish line, I could here Paul Romero mentioning my name and really saying nice things about me to every one!! And suddenly it was over...finished...I felt like Forrest Gump...and I just stopped running....

The Polar /Hammer Nutrition Booth
 After the race was over I went over to the booth and with AL we answered questions on heart rate training and I also had samples of the Hammer Nutrition bars to share with the athletes and Fizz so they could try out the bars. The favorite bar was Vegan Chocolate peanut. and the most asked about Polar monitor was the RCX5.

FT7 Polar monitors to raffle off

Hammer Peeps Ben & Lauren Lovelace, and Ambassadors Troy & I
AL and I had a fun morning talking to friends and racing, shame about the mechanical but we were happy to finish in 4th Relay team and 2nd in mixed masters! The enjoyment of the race was being able to watch young children compete, see your friends and be able to help and pass on knowledge so other triathletes may benefit.
Thank You Caroline and Bill for an amazing event venue.

Thanks to a great husband we had fun and so did Hammer and Cookie.
I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful life style and a husband who is willing to do the triathlon with me with two cracked ribs! Another beautiful day in Paradise. Huge shout out to my amazing sponsors without whom I would have been able to compete all these years!!

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