Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wildflower Long Course

The One and Only May 4th 2013
Race evening and a sleepless horrible night with a bad morning is for another post keeping focused on an amazing Wildflower here is my story!
Getting ready to tri!
All smiles my friend Jodi and I check out the swim start!

Not quite sure how I managed to be standing amongst Navy Blue swim caps waiting for the 40 to 49 Women to begin the 1.2 mile swim at Lake Antonio but yup I certainly was there my bike racked, my espresso hammer gel working its magic in my body and goggles ready suddenly a signal was heard and we all moved like a mass of black neoprene clad sea lions towards the liquid of the lake.

Lots of bikes sun is out and my swim wave begins at 9.25am!

SWIM: It does not matter where I start in the swim it is always like swimming in a washing machine! Not that I would know what it is like to swim in a washing machine but as soon as I began swimming I had a hand slap into my neck and the next moment a hand grab my foot! ARRR I thought here we go let’s play the game and swim on!  It really was not a bad swim I swam at a comfortable pace and could always see the buoys ahead lots of different colored caps bobbed in front of my vision, but I only focused on the large orange triangular buoy I need to turn at. Soon Pink caps were over taking this was the relay wave and fast swimmers too, as I approached the final buoy before turning into the finish chute all I could see was a mass of arms and caps….the mountain bike triathletes were exiting at the same time and it was chaos for a few minutes but finally I was standing upright un zipping my wet suit and running up the slope towards the bike transition I felt good! I had survived the swim, the next task was to run up a slight slope from the lake to T

BIKE: I ran into the HUGE transition I knew 2607 was the last rack and someone had hung a balloon on the end of the rack, but that did not stop me running right past my bike!! Realizing almost immediately I turned around and found my synapse, took a hammer gel, water & endurolytes.  Helmet check…Rudy Fluros Check.. Bike shoes..yup!  I ran towards the BIKE OUT exit. After going through the finish chute the bike course starts to climb the problem was not so much the hill but all the mountain bikers who shared the same course for the first half a mile or so as soon at the MNT bikers turned onto the trail; Lynch Hill was in full view.. full of triathletes climbing the Hill, it was a beautiful day and I just visioned Glendora Mnt Road I was able to get into a nice climbing rhythm, and before long I was at the top of the climb and exiting the park! I could not believe that so soon into the race there was a topless female waving a sign at the cyclists half way up the climb…going to be a fun day I thought!
Considering my lack of cycling for this event I had a remarkable time on the 56 mile ride! I have to give a shout out to the organization of Wildflower as it seemed like every 6 to 10 miles there was an aid station all extremely well stocked I took advantage of this as I already had a multi bottle of perpetuem and had my endurolytes I only needed water and I made sure at every station I took a bottle of water, it was really a hot day and keeping hydrated would save me on the run that I was sure of!
The bike ride is fun lots of rolling hills two very rapid descents and some strong short but sweet climbs from 1 to 4 miles. I had my trusty road bike which seemed to respond well to the challenges of the course profile. The scenery was awesome, I had forgotten how beautiful it was lots of meadows, and cattle very  little traffic. The miles just clicked by! I had a little issue with my feet cramping always do so I cycled for 5 miles with my feet on top of my shoes! The last 5 miles went by super-fast I was so excited to be able to be inside the park and actually see runners!!  I carefully navigated the steep downhill to transition 2. Woo Hoo no flats no crashes I had arrived safely!
The manicure would survive!
RUN. I racked my Cannondale in its correct place, quickly changed into my shoes I opted no socks, Hammer Visor on grabbed my fuel belt with race number and jogged to the sign RUNNERS OUT.
The run went well it was mostly trails and I had chosen to run in Brooks Launch a great shoe for trails and light.the first half mile was challenging and just after a mile I had to stop and really stretch out my right foot, having super high arches I am prone to my big toe to spasm, once I worked out the issue it was a fun run!!
Every mile there were well stocked aid stations, again I had my Hammer Nutrition dialed in via my fuel belt I just needed water. with 80% trails and it seemed like all climbing and very little descent it made for a beautiful run. The weather was really hot and I kept thinking of running in Hawaii or Puerto Rico this was probably milder! The views of the lake and awesome running trails were highlighted by the students which manned the aid stations, as always some where there will be naked male specimens handing out water with a smile and high five to make you giggle, blush and run faster!! I enjoyed the run especially the energy of the spectators as we ran through the camp sites and various tri clubs clapping and shouting out words or encouragement! the last mile is Lynch Hill downhill, I let myself fly down this last hill as I entered the chute I was engulfed in claps and lots of noise as I ran over the 13 mile timing mat I heard my name being called out....woo hoo just over 2 hours and I had finally finished, I wiped a small tear of joy from the corner of my eye another half iron distance event in the bag and an awesome medal! Life is good!!! Time for recoverite and post race celebrations!
the medal!


A huge thanks to my husband Al for this birthday gift and Jodi for getting me to sign up as a late entry I truly had a blast and really happy I did the event. I had a total time of 6:23:13 good enough for 8th place in the 45-49 age group and 86th woman over all!! I will happily take those numbers!
Thank you to Hammer Nutrition, Rudy Project, Polar Monitors, Brooks Running, Aquaman Wetsuits, Williams Wheels, Ocean Potion, Fuel Belt, Serfas tires, Foggle, Kool n Fit, Profile Design Bars, Covina Masters Aquatics.

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