Monday, January 12, 2015

Are you getting rest?

January so far has been fairly exciting, although today I had a melt down...not sure how to explain this other than when your alarm goes off at 4:15am and you are on 4 hours of sleep you should really roll over and go back to sleep...but I actually felt guilty as I was not sick, and thought to get the workout done and then the rest of the day would flow nicely...wrong.
Taking time to enjoy a day at Anacapa Island!

Stress and rest and somewhat different but when you put too much stress be in physical or mental and not enough rest it is a recipe for disaster. I need to get quality sleep ...I can function on a few nights of lost sleep but when you add other factors I become some what ....mmm down? I get emotional and irrational add to being Obsessive Compulsive and my whole world explodes!

So to be a good athlete is not about how much you train, how many miles you put in etc there is also how to balance family and other commitments, jobs etc... eating healthy and quality rest.

I should have Listened to my body better...My resting heart rate according to my Polar V800 monitor was elevated I just needed a few days to play catch up on letting my body and soul catch up and harmonize together. #listenstoyourbody

Life is awesome and I live by the creed day by day... I am grateful for my health, grateful for my husband and my family, grateful for friends and coaches and my four legged buddy Hammer, my awesome running min pin.

So I am at the moment relaxing my mind, drinking more water and vowing to get a few more hours of shut eye... there are plenty of exciting paths to travel in 2015.... I need my health and sanity!

Life is rich and rewarding...
relaxing with my Min Pin Hammer.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 in the review mirror...

So 2014 is history and every one is happy to clean the slate some people say thank goodness that year is gone! 2015 will be so much better....Then there are the New Year Resolutions? me no I did not make one, for me it is a time to reflect and even though 2014 had some negative stuff there was still awesome things that happened due to bad stuff happening....

I only did one big triathlon and that was in Oregon the Anvil was an awesome experience and I hope to repeat in 2015, but a week after getting back home I had my Cannondale Synapse Stolen ..Seriously thought my world had ended as that was my transportation....but out of the negativity the love and support of friends, family and strangers I would be able to get a new racing bike.....While I did not have a bike I had my Saph Vein removed by ablation it was a medical necessity so with no bike seemed a good time to have the Vein removed. And to add to that we moved our home from Covina back to Glendora were we are much happier and in a better neighborhood.
My first ride on my new Racing bike was of course up GMR

I did a few marathons, ultra runs and double bike centuries, did a few triathlons and was a guest speaker for several different groups.I had some awesome moments scuba diving and really enjoyed going to Las Vegas with Al and Montana over July 4th.

I also became a US Masters Swim Coach level 1&2, as well as a RRCA Running Coach in 2014. I also became a US Resident !

I also had a LOT of medical stuff done, a full medical for my resident papers, I also have my heart thoroughly checked after a negative reading at the docs, a vein zapped and the biggest thing was finally having all my dental work completed....may be now I can resume my sport again as my dental work has been a project which has come with a hefty price tag!

As always the year is made fun by my favorite running partner Hammer Wiscovitch Degazon. He is a crack up and so loyal his love is unconditional and he has proved time and time again he is Mans best friend! Or in this case Ultrawomans best running buddy ever!
Hammer with his new M400

SO looking back I had a fantastic year it had its high and its lows but in general a pretty blessed year...I wonder what new adventures I will have in 2015! One thing is for sure I have an amazing husband and we have our health so let the year roll on!