Thursday, January 24, 2013

Catching up with 2013

Its been a while since I blogged, life can be so fast that before you realize it January is nearly gone and it is already February!!! 

I am kind of happy to see 2012 leave and welcome in the 2013, with new resolutions to be kept and old ones may be to be renewed. 

I was happy with my 2012 year of racing, training etc but 2013 I really need to dig deep as I am writing my book about life as an Anorexic Pastry chef...turned scuba instructor to Ultra Distance triathlete and 15 years at Ultraman Hawaii World Championships, to a grand mother to an adorable grand daughter and wife of a fantastic husband!

In 2013 look out for my posts with Hammer my running mini pin, to new products from Hammer Nutrition, New heart rate training tips from Polar Heart Rate monitors and new running shoes from Brooks. I will also cover more about Rudy Project glasses. Williams wheels and my cake projects! How is that for a sampler!

Life is exciting, life is a blessing....