Monday, December 30, 2013

Even Veteran Ultra Endurance athletes make mistakes!

Hey Its ON! An easy hike to Mount Baldy the phone text.... Woo Hoo I thought great! I do love going up to the top of Mount Baldy I have done the race up there twice and a few times ran up there in training. But would be so fun to hike it with 6 more friends and I could take Hammer!
all smiles....half a mile in...
Now it was an easy hike.....maybe I should have been a bit more diligent ....maybe I should have prepared for a race....

there are a few things you should know about me..
1. I am afraid of heights, I deal with the fear but if there is a small ledge I will almost puke to go along it and will usually ask for help...I do not look over the side of cliffs or mountains with out getting dizzy..
2. I love running and hiking uphill, downhill is always challenging....

Hammer has no problem as we head toward the green ski hut.
It is a beautiful day in the low 60s but sun feels warm.
Inside the ski hut hammer made us all hot tea!
At the Ski Hut I drank a little from my water and was feeling great every one was laughing and having fun I forgot to take a Hammer gel but did feed Hammer a dog biscuit! The HUT is only 2.5 miles from the car park and I was excited to go to the summit today.
with my friend Ray on leaving the Hut..still smiling....
After leaving the HUT it was not but a half mile when the single track became covered in snow, YIPPEE I thought! I love snow! ...and this is were the fun stopped and fear took over...

As my friends continued up to the ridge I had to battle my fear of falling...add the ice on the shaded part of the mountain path and now my progress was painfully slow, My little dog was ice skating he was I think having fun..his human was not.

I was very grateful that Kristen had realized I was having a break down and stayed with me. I dared not to look down only uphill...I could see other hikers having a somewhat difficult time..going up and going down my only thought was how I would get down this slope!

Fear is real.... when someone has fear ...Fear takes over, rationality lacks...poor judgement and adrenaline take over

I crawled on all fours to get to the top of that hill....we sat at 8,900 feet and I was really worried! I have never been so grateful to Kristen for staying with me ..and felt bad I had brought Hammer my little dog this far up when I knew I was going to have a problem descending!

lessons learnt...
1. was not prepared for snow and ice.....Easy hike turned into a dangerous situation.
2. not prepared for mountain conditions... I had no ice spikes for my shoes and I was dressed like an ultra runner...I had no boots on no hiking poles no extra clothing for the slight drop in temperature. No satellite phone or ham radio !
3. If you are going to have a melt down and all your friends leave you it is best to have the one friend that does stay with you have every thing one might need for an overnight stay on the mountain , a sense of humor and a competent hiker. (she also had a flask of hard liquor!)
4. I had no problem my friends leaving me to see the summit ...but it would have been nice if they had returned the same way in case something had happened...

We decided not to go to the summit of 10,000 feet we both had done that before it was more important to start descending and confront my fears otherwise we would be stuck on the mountain... not good.

All smiles at the top of the crest before the descent....
 The next few hours my ultrawoman cape disappeared at the altitude, fear of heights and ice became my Kryptonite I had gone but 30 feet and I was already asking to hold onto Kristen and another friend we met on the trail Dave Tan took my little dog...I was no longer laughing or taking photographs I was deathly afraid of slipping.

I slipped, ....I froze...I cried real tears.....

Two complete strangers stopped ascending to offer help! Yikes was I that bad!!!
I felt like a cat with nine lives on count down.....

I used many lives in the next few hours...time stood was show time time to face the fear and deal with it!
I was surrounded by amazing people....even though they must have thought what on earth is this woman doing on this mountain side!!!

 I felt awful...the more progress we made the less ice and slippery conditions.. My little dog sensed my fear  but I kept on following Dave and using Kristen for support. The HUT finally appeared, I wanted to lie down and sleep....

During all this melt down and adrenaline rush I had not eaten or drank.....BONK and EASY HIKE should not be in the same sentence! 4 lives left...

I was dehydrated ..... I felt sleepy........ I had an awful headache ..I was sitting in a strangers chair outside the Hut...

I know better ....but it was an easy hike?..I was surrounded by strangers all talking....they loved Hammer

After eating slices of apples, little pieces of banana and drinking water, I still felt shakey but I knew I needed to start moving... it was time to head back to the car park....the strangers who were now the top of my friendship list offered to walk with me Dave and Kristen for half a mile. one of them gave me his poles, I had gone but 30 yards when my feet went up and I came down to earth with a thud! I lay on the trail in disbelief! I had hurt my elbow but crikey are you kidding me!! 3 lives left!

I stood up slightly wobbly and was escorted for the next couple of miles...I thought 10 laps of the high school track....

I stopped a few times I wanted to throw up so badly! one of the longest two miles ever!!

The car park was a great sight to behold and my friends had descended back bone instead of returning the same way they had gone up....

Good Samaritans ...New Friends on the trails.

Accidents happen all the time on these Mountains.....I was extremely lucky and had no business being on Baldy in ice and hard snow...I was not prepared and should have turned at the ski hut while the going was second mistake was forgetting to drink and eat due to extreme third mistake was treating the activity as an easy hike....there is no such thing as easy hike in the mountains when going to 10,000 feet, you can be sure next time I am invited to do something like this I will call ahead to find out weather conditions, I will carry extra clothes and small first aid kit. I will have a plan A and a plan B. I will treat this type of activity like I would an Ultra event or marathon. and will eat and drink every 20 minutes or so. I will definitely not continue up hill in conditions I know I cannot descend and in doing so put myself into a position were I need help from good Samaritans on the trails..

My fortune cookie wisdom that evening at dinner made me chuckle!! Even the Greatest Whale is helpless in the middle of the desert!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Today Hammer and I were invited to run with a few friends, Ray, Alicia and Maria. It was a little cold and light drizzle but we were game to happily show them our beautiful trails..
Hammer came across a baby rattlesnake....he was not much for drama
Hammer liked chasing down the girls! He is a ladies dog after all!!

we made the cross which was covered in graffiti

view as always breathe taking
Hammer on full alert

It is always a great day on the trails when I get to run with Hammer and my friends. Even though it was a little cool the weather once we started running we soon warmed up. 10 miles round trip just enough climbing and descending.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Running in Costume at the LA Rock n Roll 13.1

I have been a busy Bee these past few days, I was helping at Mount SAC at the Brooks Running tent at the Mount SAC Invitational, the next day I was part of the San Dimas Community event for families and cycling. Sunday was a play date with 13.1 miles in downtown LA and I was very grateful to Brooks Running for my entry!
Mile 12 I stopped to take a photo under the bridge!
So as it was a costume themed run and Brooks Happy Running was yellow I thought I would dress as a bumble bee... right? it seemed like a good idea here is what I learnt about running in costume.
  • First you would never run in new shoes for a competition.. so why would you run in a costume you have never ran in before.
  • If you are planning to be competitive dress as a competitive runner  !
  • Just because my Bumble Bee out fit had wings on it did not mean I would fly around the other runners! They actually slowed down to allow all the runners to keep ahead I had to be stealth bomber bee and look for available opening..
  • Running in could have been worse.. feeling thankful I put Brooks nightlife socks under the nylons. The nylons bothered me they were hot and sticky to run it!
  • I wore cute Orange hibiscus earrings and in the first mile one of them fell out and I stopped as I spotted my precious earring rolling into the gutter....another lesson in Costumes do not wear anything of value!!Cost me a minute trying to chase it down and not get crushed by feet!
  • Those funny things bobbing on top of my head attached by a plastic clip did not bother me until mile 6 when they kept flopping onto my forehead! and the band pressed into my temples!
 I swore I would start the race in the costume and finish in costume. If I had known the wings and nylons were going to be that uncomfortable I might have chosen to be a yellow banana!
The Race
The Halloween version of the LA Rock n Roll was a fun event, there was a lot of mini marathoners which was about 3.5 miles not timed. What I could not understand is why they would start these runners in the same group as the half marathoners with 1.40 and below finishing times so the beginning was a little congested but fun seeing all the different costumes!
Plenty of aid stations I had my fuel belt so was pretty much self contained with my Montana Huckleberry hammergel! Lots of awesome cheerleaders on route and a few scarey looking zombies.
Despite the overcast and drizzle the course was great to run on although I could not tell you which bridge I ran over or under all the volunteers were fantastic and helpful!
The pic is side ways I apologize but this was at the finish line with Larry a 100 mile runner!

At the end of the race I found Liz and her co workers were else but the beer garden which was a great venue in front of the Staple Center and had some amazing bronze statues of incredible athletes.
My friend Liz who still uses her Polar heart rate monitor all smiles.
 I had a great day and was grateful to Liz for picking me up at 5am the laughs we had as she picked up her co workers from City of Hope all these ladies were amazing and fund raising for there hospital. 
the bling resting on my Brooks Launch...
Bling and Polar Monitors

A fun event to do being dressed up certainly made it more challenging. Weather slightly chilly and a little disappointed that the Rock N Roll organizers ran out of those nice and shiny space blankets at the finish line!! Good Job my friends had finished there mini marathon and I could get my warm Hammer Jacket from the car!
A HUGE thanks to Brooks running for letting me run this event, Hammer Nutrition, Fuel Belt, Rudy Project USA, Kool N Fit, Ocean Potion, Polar USA and Lis Chavez of City of Hope for letting me share the day with her amazing co workers one of which is recovering from Brain cancer and managed to walk for 9 miles pretty incredible.

I finished 4th in the woman 45-49 missing 3rd place by just under 2 minutes but Happy all the same as my time was slightly slower than I usually run 1 hr 41 mins I was 52nd female over all not bad for a bumble bee!
Every runner should dress up for at least one run it just adds a whole new dimension!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Welcome back to running at Long Beach Marathon.

it is as always about that bling!
On Wednesday afternoon I was cleared to run after having a dental bone graft and titanium implant in my upper jaw! Long Beach Marathon was on Sunday and I loved to help Kool n Fit with their booth at the expo, so I thought why not lets do a little marathon on Sunday to officially break out into training again!

Lorraine and my friend Angelica on the rt. who gave me a lift to the venue and back home!
Pre Race
On the 3 days leading up to the marathon I helped at the expo, did my work for the Triple Crown Mountain bike event, ran two easy 4 mile runs with Hammer and wondered how I would pull off this jog seemed like a plan......
I met a few Long Beach Marathon Legacy runners at the expo, pretty cool some were wearing the very first race t shirts!!!

SUNDAY race day!
Plan of action....To run easy and to finish in under 4 hours as I did not want to set my goal high with limited training..
Gun went off and I started to run, my heart rate was dare I say slightly elevated! my stomach was rumbling I needed the portaloo near mile 2 my prayers were answered, oh my what did I eat? 
Anyhow, by mile 6 I did a reality check that this was going to be a mentally tough day and I could not run how I say comfortable at all! I felt good, no head aches, no pain in my legs I just did not have the leg turn over I usually have at marathons, by mile 19 I had visited those awful portapotties 5 times!!! Pretty sure the runners trots were caused by the new strong coffee I had had in the am...

The 3.35 pace group went by me then the 3 45 pace group I was not wearing ear buds so to keep my self going forward I gave out high fives to other runners, and was delighted to see Steve and Annie Harvey on the course legacy runners and I had time to go over and give them both a nice sweaty hug!
I also saw my friend Rory at the mile 9 mark that was a nice break and mentally made me feel good.
I stopped at all the Kool n Fit spray stations to be sprayed down too!

I RAN, I Jogged, I laughed I hugged I gave out high fives, I was happy to be running again and remembered what I told my running group keep motivated use your arms, do not slouch!
 I also realized that due to my stomach problems I had to keep on top of my Hammer Nutrition Electrolytes, Endurance Aminos and my Hammer gel...and at mile 19 I started to feel better I painted a huge smile when I saw mile 21 and thought wow only 5.2 miles left!

Running down the marathon chute was awesome the air was electric although my time was slower which I knew going into the marathon I did a respectable 3 hours and 51 minutes and shocker good enough for 8th female in the 45-49 age group..(next year I will be in the 50-54!)

After I had cleared the chute and had my medal on I went over to help at the Kool n Fit booth and spray down the runners. I had fun, I got to socialize and saw a lot of Brooks running shoes!! LOL
right after I finished running I headed over to spray other runners

In center Renate from Kool n Fit and Jay.

Ralph from Kool n Fit

All Smiles the deed is done

A BIG thanks to my friend Angelica for the car pool we both had a mentally tough day but finished.

 Thanks to:
 KOOL N FIT I enjoyed the weekend very much and was well sprayed down.
 HAMMER NUTRITION was really important to me when I started to falter grateful for great raceday nutrition ..
 FUEL BELT I was able to carry everything I needed and grateful I put ASEA water into 2 of the little bottles and one with Hammer gel and one normal water. As the water on the course was one word disgusting... I worked it out by mile 18 it was the wax coated cups they were using awful!
 OCEAN POTION well protected with the best sun care!
POLAR USA Thanks for a great RCX5 monitor I did not want to see the numbers it gave me but I knew it did not lie!!
BROOKS RUNNING for making great running shoes my choice for the marathon was Launch.
RUDY PROJECT for making the best neon sport glasses in the business!!

The Long Beach International City Bank Marathon

Race Standings

  •   13611
  • 502
  • 109
  •   6
  •   4062
  •   F
  •   49:   06:26:29;
  •       00:26:01
  •     00:50:43
  •    01:52:32
  •   02:50:49
  •   03:51:51

  • Sunday, September 8, 2013

    Endure the Bear... its all about the people you meet...

    Big Bear California is a special place nestled at 7000 feet and surrounded by San Bernardino National Forest, it was first occupied by the Serrano Indians around 3,000 years ago! Then in 1845 Benjamin D Wilson discovered and named it Bear Valley while in pursuit of Indians!! But in 1860 when William Holcomb was hunting bears he discovered GOLD! and that turned into Southern California's largest gold rush!!
    Roll forward to September 7th 2013 and a female race director by the name of Karen Lundgren is staging a grass roots trail run to all levels of capabilities. A 5km, 10km, 15km, 30km and a 50km. This is now the 4th year and Karen changed the route to become more scenic and to include more single track mountain bike trails with names such as Coyote, Skyline and Knickerbocker it was a success....

    My husband Al, Karen and I after the 30km journey.
    Big Bear is home to some fantastic out door enthusiasts and Karen is certainly a World Class adventure racer as well as being one of the few women ever to climb all 7 summits (yes that includes Mount Everest) yet is warm and approachable and does a lot for the community of Big Bear as well as being a ski instructor and organizing many Big Bear events for children too!

    The Race
    At 8 am the 30km run began with a nice uphill which certainly seemed for ever but in actual fact may have been only 5km! it took the wind out of your sails not because of the steepness more so the altitude... 

    There was plenty of aid stations 6 in total, and there was no way you could get lost as orange ribbon marked the course for the 30km and pink ribbon for the 50km etc..

     The course was breathtaking, once at the top of the climb it immediately gave out to incredibly well kept single track which was curvy and looped back and forth it was actually fun as I really had to concentrate on my footing  as I was snaking around another female runner had caught up with me (which is not hard to do when the slope goes downhill!) We began talking and I was amazed that I was running with a mother of 7 children! It almost stopped me in my tracks I said you have to be kidding! any twins or triplets in that grouping ....nope was the answer youngest is 8 months and oldest is 19 years old. Whoa that is ONE TOUGH COOKIE!
    Kim mother of 7 children!
    We were at around 7 km and the whole run was to be a friendly exchange of uphills and down hills between Kim and I. Made the run feel a little more fun and I was in awe at this Mother with all these children one of which is a pro mountain biker!!

    breathe taking views
    The new course was a little longer but really nice and I wore my fuel belt for the 18 miles. I had Montana Huckleberry Hammer gel in one flask and a mixture of Endurolytes, Endurance Aminos and Anti Fatigue caps in a small pocket and a Vegan protein bar just in case....Plenty water on the course I was a Run Happy runner with my blue Brooks Cascadias!

    The single track downhills were nightmares but that is just me..... then the fun began I felt a huge drop of water land on my shoulder I thought no it cannot be rain... another drop and I realize that maybe rain might be on its way, which would be a good thing in one way as it would pack the ground and easier to run on but I hope it would not be cold....

    The sky turned black and the rain began to pour and with the rain came loud thunder cracks and hail stones! Oh my 10km to go and it was raining....good time to learn to dance in the rain! I slipped and fell going uphill bruised my hip but nothing new I always fall at least once on a trail! The rain cleaned all the trail dirt and sweat from my clothes and skin! it was like running in the shower! The last climb out of the trees I thought would never end as the thunder was really deafening and I worried about the lightening...with 8km to go on fire roads which are my favorite I took off rolling hills and the last 3km downhill. There was rivers of water pouring across the trail I had to put my Rudy Project glasses on my Visor as I could not see anything I was absolutely soaked! All I wanted to do was get warm!

    The last km is asphalt to the village and finish line, I see umbrellas and people standing under 10x10s! I am finished it is crazy 101 F where I live and high 40s with rain at Big Bear!

    Kurt Madden Ultraman Champion 1983
    At the finish line I saw Kurt Madden I could not resist a picture as this is another Big Bear resident and an unbelievable athlete in 1983 at 28 years old he won the first Ultraman Hawaii World Championships and this year 30 years later is going back to race again!!!He also gives a lot to the community of Big Bear for the children too.

    The rain is torrential I run to the truck were Al, Montana, Hammer & Cookie are nice and dry and watching the Goonies!!We all hug and congrats and we all go back to the staging area for the awards.....

    With Kim in the rain at the finish line!
     The 2013 Endure the Bear was a wrap at least for the 30km I kinda felt sorry for the 50km peeps the course was water logged and I would not have wanted to run an extra 20km!  But when Mother Nature intervenes there is nothing much you can do about it! I wish I had had mittens and beanie! At the finish my Ocean Potion lips were a shade of blue and funny so were Kims too!! Karen was great and let all the runners have dry Keen t shirts to wear!

    Kim and I were very Happy we were 2nd and 3rd over all and then I was first overall in 40-49 and Kim was second in 40-49! A blessing to be on the podium!
    Sheri Mursick was on hand to give out awards and help with the event. I also saw Susan Maya too!
     Both amazing Big Bear athletes!
    Kim and I on the Podium.

    Podium time 40-49 was pretty cool to stand up on the podium you really have to count your blessing when that happens and savor the moment as not often moments like that happen! 

    It took me 90 minutes before I could feel my finger tips! and stop shivering! made me realize how quickly things can change in the Mountains...

    New race bling, new friends and as always a well run event.

    Big Thank you to Karen, and to Hammer Nutrition, Brooks Running, Polar USA, Rudy Project USA, Ocean Potion suncare, Kool n Fit, Fuel belt for their support. And most of all to Al and his daughter Montana for taking me to Big Bear and sharing my race experience with my two dogs too! That is a priceless moment...

    Here is my racing data from my Polar RCX3 I really love the map print out!

    New race bling
    After the race Hammer made sure I relaxed!

    Monday, July 1, 2013

    Harding Hustle 50km beat the heat!

    Its going to be a HOT ONE! that is what I remember thinking when I saw the weather forecast for Modjeska Canyon. But that did not phase me too much as heat and humidity are something I am familiar with it would be about making good race choices on race day.
    Race briefing
    The race began at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, and some of the proceeds of the race would go towards this amazing facility check it out at

    It was already pretty toasty at 6.20am and there was quite a climb waiting for me to tackle! I had sprayed my feet and insoles with Kool n Fit, had a light breakfast and I had opted for a hydration pac so I could keep hydrated even though there was well stacked aid stations every 4 miles I just did not want to chance getting a heat related ma-lardy resulting in an expensive air evacuation!
    With Thomas as mile 5 just after leaving the Laurel Aid station
    I really enjoyed running with Michele.

    To reach the 2nd aid station at Maple Springs I followed quite a nice fire road, a few little rocks but nothing too technical at all and the grade really was not that steep BUT the heat was a factor, I checked my Polar Monitor as I wanted to keep my heart rate at a steady zone 3 to 4, as always the beginning of a race the adrenaline races but after a few miles the body gets into a Rhythm. I stuck to my plan and had 3 endurolytes every hour with race Cap supreme, Anti Fatigue cap, Endurance Amino 2 of those and every 30 minutes an expresso Hammer gel. 
    Maple Springs 9.40 miles 4500 feet
    Heading up to Aid station 3 only 1.60 miles away but all up hill.

    Maple Springs I would see this aid station twice and there was plenty of ice to refill my pac too.

    It is amazing that 1.60 miles can be so beautiful and then to see a mirage called aid station 3 was priceless.
    The views were amazing!

    Aid station 3 was pretty important as I would use that station 4 times!!

    At this aid station there is a wee climb to Modjeska Peak my heart dropped I had done this climb once before and I knew this would be a dig deep and keep smiling effort! The good news was it was only 2 miles round trip the bad news is I would have to do this twice!!!

    I put my best game face on a BIG smile I had a nice cold cup of defizzed Ginger Ale to help keep my stomach in check and set off up the single track rocky trail. Going up I was fine, I enjoyed the views and shouted out words of encouragement to the runners already on their way down, a few dirt bikes passed and kicked up the loose dirt and the smell of gasoline hit my nostrils but at least if I wanted to bail I could hitch a lift back!!! I smiled all the way to the peak at 5,384ft! 
    Modjeska Peak 5,384ft with Lake Matthews in Corona in the back ground.
     On the turnaround I felt anxious as did I mention I have two left feet when descending downhill on a trail which I had no clue were to put my feet. There was a photographer on the corner less than 20 feet from the summit as I went past him in very slow motion I said high and something like I know I am slow, and 10 feet later I ended up on the rocky declivity doing a face plant worthy of a TV role only my face missed the rocks and I just grazed my knee but it really took the wind out of my sails! A little trail rash never hurt any one no bones broken my spirit a little shaken I descended that mile slower than I had climbed it!
    A very modest amount of graze !
    After descending and getting to the aid station and checking in I was informed I had 3 miles of climbing to Santiago Peak which is the highest point in Orange County and then 3 miles back at which point I would re climb Modjeska peak! I thought are you KIDDING ME!!!
    Santiago Peak Aid station 5,689 feet 
    That 3 mile climb was HOT HOT HOT and dusty too I saw only two mountain bikers pass me and as it was out n back was able to keep my spirits high by clapping and smiling at the other runners already on their descent. I was so happy to see the Aid station with my friends Daniel and Barbara manning the station.
     My pac was refilled and ice added, I took my Hammer Nutrition endurolytes and ate half a hammer bar washed it down with water. I felt a little headachy and I decided to walk a little and really hydrate I avoided the salt tablets and greasy potato chips I knew my body needed fluid and I needed to slow my pace and recover as at Altitude there is less air pressure to drive valuable O2 in to my lungs and my heart has to work harder to deliver the O2 to my working muscles!
    All smiles as I near the base of the one mile out n back again!
    I get to the dreaded one mile climb again, there is no use in complaining every one has to climb it twice, so I jogged and power walked back up to the peak and came back cautiously but did not fall a second time. Then I was all smiles it was all downhill from here!
    I headed towards Maple Springs my smile a mile wide the worst was over and did I mention it was HOT! 
    Just 9.40 miles left!!
    With just 9 miles and some change left to run I can almost jump for joy it is all down hill from this point well except about 1.5 miles of two little climbs combined. I felt good and played catch up as I liked the company to run with other runners so that really motivated me to run faster!
    My friend Ray was helping at the final aid station
    3 miles and modeling the latest in Buff fashion!

    The final 4 miles was like running in a furnace, but I kept it together with my electrolytes, and not over taxing my energy, I knew I was near the finish and kept visualizing 4 laps around the track for 1500! At around two miles to go the course went up hill again just about half a mile but it felt good to use different muscles and it was just hot!  Soon I was running all the way down a descent towards a road I was so happy I was going to finish this wee run and was almost skipping the final few meters!
    Jessica Race Director of Dirty Feet Productions.
    A Yorkshire lass, and Irish Lad and a Scottish Gal! We just needed some one from Wales to complete the quartet.

    My friends Juan and Tina who did a great race too.

    Paul and I help with a bit of sponsor time!

    The Finish shot!

    Nuff Said.
     Below is a link to the map and my out put for the 32 mile trail run. The temperatures on the trail were 107 degrees!!

    Below is some interesting info when the weather gets HOT!
    KEEP HYDRATED fail to keep up dated on getting fluid into your body and your blood volume with decrease and if your body runs low on fluids it will not be able to create a cooling affect ..dehydration will follow and that is never good. and your heart rate will begin to get rapid..
    I took my hammer gels every half hour and plenty of water to dilute the gels as the gels are complex Carbohydrates the body burns more Carbs when under intensity and you need fat and protein for energy production but if I did not keep putting in my gels I would start to BONK ( feel out of energy)
     I can tell if this is happening as I think I am going harder on the trail and my heart rate is getting slower!!! SO I made sure I kept well hydrated and on top of my nutrition. Below is an excellent article from Hammer Nutrition it also has a link to electrolyte replacement I highly recommend to read.
     Heat and Humidity can cause your heart rate to elevate as it tries to cool down the body as with intense exercise the body forms a lot of energy on the form of heat so the body must sweat to dissipate the heat! When the body gets hot the heart rate will rise up to 10 beats faster!
    There were a few runners on Saturday that I saw with swollen fingers and dizziness at the finish line, some were walking and spaced...if its hot begin hydrating early and slow your roll! Listen to your Body and fuel it right, In hot weather it is bet to keep to a liquid diet to help the body fuel the muscles required to do the work and cool you down instead of digesting solid food! Slowing the pace and enjoying the race and scenery.

    BIG thank you to Polar USA for sponsoring the trail running series and for sponsoring the Harding Hustle, Ocean Potion for all the suncare they gave to the racers, HAMMER NUTRITION for keeping my body healthy and fueling it correctly , Rudy Project USA for my Pink Fluros, Brooks Running for great Trail Cascadia shoes, Kool n Fit for their conditioning spray,  Juan and Tina for the lift to and from the race venue and all the awesome Volunteers of the Harding Hustle who suffered in that intense heat making sure we the runners were well looked after.
    I had a blast and loved making new friends on the course!!