Tuesday, September 5, 2017

EPIC 5. Hawaii Pre Race madness

 The Dream Team

Epic 5 Crew and Athlete.

The Dream Team and Athlete for the Epic 5.

So how would you like to spend a few days in Hawaii.... mmm  may be.... Well here we are 4 women brought together by a common denomonator Athlete Michele Santilhano. 
Kauai is the first stop,  We are the only ALL woman team!

Help from fellow athletes to assure arrival at the airport

Texas remembered and honored at Alaska AIrlines.

Its take off and Hammer Time!
This toad I rescued from Lisa s pool,,, needed some energy....

Toad or from still needed saving

Wild Pigs! 
Nice Ocean life.

The athletes meet and greet

Guarded by a min pin... life is good!

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