Thursday, April 14, 2016

LA Marathon Olympic Trials

Although Hammer my Run Happy Min Pin could not go to help at the Trials he was at home watching on the big screen.
Well in the Month of February I ran Surf City Half in honor of my friend that past away.. the following week was LA Marathon and up until Surf City I had good training in for a good race..
Unfortunately I injured my left Antilles Tendon and after a whole week of rest ice elevation and therapy thought I would go any way...

Saturday musings
I volunteered to help with the Brooks Running Photo booth during the marathon trials so while the best marathoners in the World were duking it out down town I was supporting the cheering squads!
Police move in to get the course safe

So Cal Pacers get ready

Me all Brooked out with my friends.

Run Happy Folks

My Canadian Friend Ellis

Watching the race unfold with wide screens

Say Run Happy

Road to Rio

Brooks ID Coaches share a smile

Kona Running...

So Cal Pacer Family


Pre Olympic Trials ra ra ra

Enjoyed the day it was a long day on my feet I met some incredible athletes and loved seeing all the So Cal Pacers come by and join in the celebration and fun. It is rewarding to give back and I love Brooks Shoes and I am also a Brooks ID Coach and a certified RRCA Running Coach.

Run Happy Be Happy Run Smart.

The Olympic Trials in downtown LA were awesome to watch.

#socalpacers #runhappy #brooksrunning.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Surf City Half in memory of my friend Bouke Bendien.

My dear friend Bouke Bendien... No he was more than a friend he made me feel like I belonged and was family. Bouke was my mentor for triathlon, he was always interested in what I was up to and he was always there to help and train with. he was humble and kind not just to me but many different people in Puerto Rico. My heart was broken when I received the news of his passing. I was numb and could not stop crying... But he lived his life on his own terms and even raced on the Sunday at Ponce in Puerto Rico and passed on Wednesday morning. RIP Bouke for today Heaven gained and Puerto Rico lost an amazing human being ,,, I will always be inspired by you!


So on the 7th February I raced Surf Ciry Half Marathon in memory of my friend Bouke.
Picture and Bib number

All done and dusted

The Bling.

 The Race was pretty flat... although the views were amazing of the ocean I struggled to keep a pace at mile 8 and kinda lost the mentality at mile 9 and my Antilles Tendon began to whisper to me....

I finished in 1 hour 43 minutes... all the time my thoughts were on what would Bouke do .. he would just keep running in the way he did.... he was an amazing athlete and it was remembering all the fun times I had in racing and training with Bouke that finally got me to the finish line.

Life is short always tell people how much they mean to you....

EXPO and Photos
Ed the Jester

Ultraman ...

Arthur Webb Ultra runner
AL and Montana
Diane my friend.
The Bling
My training Buddy.

My good friend Andrea from Brooks.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Its time to ride...for I am the comeback kid!

Its no joke this right hand of mine... BUT today I decided to do my first hill ride in 9 weeks and test out my right hand... and do the longest ride to date since 19th November.... I cycled up GMR.

Proof of my ride!
GMR stands for Glendora Mountain Road it is like having our own mini Alpe De Huez right on our doorstep! But these last few weeks I have not attempted to ride the bike up the due to a badly damaged right hand...

So lessons from my ride
1. Went up 12 miles spinning, trying to enjoy the pain of the climb.
2. You do not forget how to ride a bike.... however it seems harder to climb after not riding for a while.
3. Going up hill had to hold the hoods of the handlebar, my right hand did not like gripping the handlebar.
4. At the top of the ridge I enjoyed the view chugged down a Hammer Heed and laughed out load a wonderful afternoon for what seems like my maiden voyage up GMR.
5. Going downhill was like being at hand therapy.. began extremely painful for my right fingers to touch the brakes...every time the wheels went over a bump my little pinky hurt..As the descent continued my fingers became stronger at holding / feathering the brakes.
6. I am still unable to make a fully clenched fist but felt grateful I could grip the hoods of the handlebars..

I am super happy I decided to try and ride my bike today...I still have a little way to go before I am 100%  I will take 24 miles its a start!!!
I am the comeback kid!!!

Now to ice my hand and tape it...
My average Heart Rate was 124 I tried to keep it in zone 3 for most of the ride although I did hit zone 4  on some of the grades...

The beautiful views

All smiles I made the ridge.

my beautiful bike

Life is great when you let it be.
Coming back from an injury is never easy
It is frustrating 
Who would have thought soft tissue could be so darn stubborn.
Its time to start out again with baby steps
Day by day I will get stronger at all 3 disciplines
Life is a journey and so is my full recovery
Tomorrow is a swim day and so it begins... 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Getting back in the saddle after injury

Its time to RIDE
Gosh I have missed my bike.... After I had a nasty cycling accident on the 19th November I have had to rehab a fracture in my left arm and still getting therapy on my right hand, I have not been able to swim of bike but lots of walking and just started marathon training again. AND....TODAY Jan 4th I put my road bike together and yup..I WENT FOR A RIDE!!!

Happiness SO SO happy!!!

Thank you to my new Polar 450 for informing me I did 19.14 miles... longest ride to date!!!!

It is not easy getting on the bike I felt like a child again... my wrists did not hurt and just a little discomfort in two of my fingers... felt great to be turning the pedals, felt great to put on my cycling kit ... felt a little wobbly but I AM ONE HAPPY CAMPER the light is looking brighter at the end of the tunnel and my glass is more than half full......

Friday, January 1, 2016


January 1st 2016 how time flies.... the transition into the New Year was one of the quietest to date spent watching movies with my husband and two four legged babes but after such a hectic December felt great to have quietness,,,

So welcome 2016! My resolutions are not unlike other years although this year better be a LOT better than 2015 I have never had so many set backs and hurdles in any other calendar year! Ending it out on Nov 19th with a pretty horrific accident which 7 weeks later I still am unable to swim or bike or do yoga, grateful to Covina Hills Sports Medicine therapists who are doing a great job fixing my right hand.
tools for measuring my hand,

Therapy begins..

dipping into liquid paraffin wax

On January 1st I went to Glendora Mountain Road with my husband AL and my little running guru Hammer and while we ran Al mountain biked. It was the perfect start to 2016.

Al and Hammer

Al gives lil Hammer some water

Awe a family pic on New Years Day!

Hammer and his human ME!! Running Happy!

all smiles

Al in his element..

half way..

Hammer on the trail...

So was a great way to say hi to 2016, I hope to get fit and recover 100% there are may things I would love to happen this year but the big one is good health and happiness. The rest is one day at a time small steps to a bigger picture as my husband always says you will not win all the battles but the objective is to win the war and with that I will sign off and look forward to a fun filled and exciting year or racing, traveling, making new friends, and of course Running with my min pin Hammer.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Long Beach Marathon after 7 months off....

Four days before Long Beach Marathon I decided I would go and help Kool n Fit at their booth at the Long Beach expo and sign up for the Long Beach marathon....

Just a little hiccup in the plan was that I was not marathon trained after 7 months of dealing with a back ailment and recently having a back procedure done which gave me a pain free life again I thought why not its only 1 mile 26 times with change!
After my slowest long beach marathon all smiles with a 4th place out of 79 Women 50-54

So my pre race taper never really happened I coach HS swim and also teach scuba diving and had a full schedule even the day before the race I was scuba diving at Lake Perris!!
up at 5am to get ready for a scuba dive at a local lake...
 The Marathon Expo I helped Kool n Fit with their booth as they are sponsors of the LBM I helped with spraying athletes with their conditioning spray and answering questions
Renate from Kool n Fit

All these men have run every Long Beach event!!!

 Getting to the Race
I was very stressed out I would not make the race never mind get home from the expo, but I had recently met a remarkable group called the So Cal Pacers who gracefully allowed me to car pool from the expo and then to and from the race which let my stress level drop very much!


Oh my were do I start I helped my two friends with their bikes and ran to the start line of the marathon. Once the gun went off I began to run I thought just keep a steady pace no expectations of time just to finish to find were I am at in my recovery ...then KABOOM every thing went wrong in the first 6 miles....
Spraying my shoes.

Sun Care by Ocean Potion

In our corral all smiles...

Lots of smiles...

1. My fuel belt would not keep around my waist... I was devastated as I tried to hold one hand over the velcro I could not make tighter and it would just come apart at Mile 6 I saw a friend of mine Mark and asked him to take my belt I stopped and took my Id and Hammergel... I took off again but needed the bathroom... then I ran into the expo area to give my phone to Renate..I ran back on the course....

2. As we snaked along the bike path with the Ocean on our right hand side... I had forgotten to add water to my Hammer gel and had to undo the top of my bottle to get my fuel... I remembered 8 years ago doing an aquathon on the same path... I kept a smile and kept a nice pace....

3. At mile 10 I saw Ralph from Kool n Fit and was sprayed. I kept taking my endurolytes every hour as the sun was very hot . At mile 11 I stopped to help a cyclist whose chain had come off it helped me mentally get my mojo together..

4. At the mile 13 mark the marathon makes an out and back course I was grateful to be half way I just hoped I could keep moving forward as I was feeling fatigued... I made it to mile 16 were I had to use the Porta potty AGAIN!!! I composed my self I only had 10 more miles I got this I thought.

5. I ran through the University of Long Beach always love this part I had to walk a few sections but I knew I had to keep going forward.... it was hot and I did not want to be out in the sun ALL day! My back was not hurting but my feet were!!!

6. The last 6 miles were interesting, I did take a few walk breaks and talked to other marathoners...although I felt tired I was glad I only had 6 miles to go and not 12 miles like the runners on the opposite sire of the road had! I handed out a few high fives and stopped at each mile to drink water.

The last 2 miles were LONG!!! and only a mile left I helped a runner who had severe cramp medics were there pretty quickly and then gave motivation to a much younger marathoner.... then I was turning left and heading towards the finish line I was SO DARN HAPPY!! My slowest Long Beach Marathon ever a 4 hours and 3 mins BUT with very little problems other than a belt that would not stay on and 3 bathroom breaks....No cramps, No dizziness and no back pain...yes tired but Happy!!!

I finished 4th our of 79 women in my division not bad for my lack of conditioning and sleep!

I truly love Long Beach Marathon my 8th time running the event. And my eighth time representing Kool n Fit.
Thanks for getting me to and from the race!

Happy its over with my bling.

 Kept fueled my Hammer Nutrition ; Loved my Launch shoes by Brooks;  grateful for the sun care by Ocean Potion; and my eye care by Rudy Project!
Here is my relive by my Polar V800

Grateful to be running again....