Sunday, October 12, 2014

Getting back on track

Getting back on track with my four legged kiddo Hammer.

So it has been a rocky on 6th August 2014 my $10,000 road bike was stolen from my garage while I was home! So 2 months and one week I have not ridden a road bike.

I went into a depression for 2 weeks with doing nothing at all!!! then I signed up to do the 5km pool swim for US Masters Swimming....that is 200 laps of a 50 meter pool with one pool swim prior...on 24th August

successful swimmers of the 5K
All I did was swim and we decided to move so boxes to be packed and un packed etc...

On 12th August I had Vein surgery to eliminate a saph vein and improve my blood circulation.....No running, no cycling and allowed to swim very happy!!
The surgery was good and only allowed to walk and jog until I see my surgeon for a final okay on the vein and leg...So on October 12th I jogged the Long Beach Marathon with NO training! and four small runs a week before, as I do every year I also help Kool n Fit with their expo too.

Getting back on track is not easy! I miss the competition I miss the training and I really miss my Road bike! So jogging the 26.2 miles seemed like a plan to see where I am with my fitness.
Made triple sure I had great Hammer Nutrition for the marathon
I felt like an athlete again as I took my Fuel belt and filled it with Hammergel, Endurolytes and Recoverite for afterwards!
So off the gun went and I began to jog, it was one step at a time and go easy the humidity was high and I was soaked in sweat, each mile was ticked off like winning a battle.....I was running a conservative pace and then BAM mile 15/16 my body let out a disapproval at the amount of stress EVERYTHING was tightening up....I heeded the sign and walked stretching out and carefully listening to my calves that were playing chicken....."dare you to run.....see if I spasm.... " So began 11 miles of jog walking...every mile was a woo hoo always the last mile seems to be the longest and then I won the War I finished Long Beach in my 2 nd slowest marathon time ever a 3 hour 54min.....but oh man HOW lucky am I to be able to participate 4 weeks after Vein surgery I will happily take that time but tomorrow I will pay dearly for this marathon!

I will have a new road bike soon thanks to the amazing friends I have that contributed to a fund raiser and I will begin in smaller increments to get stronger again.

Getting back on track is not easy but when you already have an active life style it is mind over matter to begin training again....small baby steps and looking forward to a stellar 2015!

resting and recovery are important to my comeback!

Long Beach 2014

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