Thursday, October 25, 2012

A perfect running day on the trails with Hammer.

Hammer runs a long way and on the way back he loves to run past the In n out burgers the smell sends him crazy!!
Life is good this is Hammer my running buddy.
Today I ran 17 miles with my best friend Hammer, he is only a little dog weighing in at 11 pounds on a heavy day! He always does a little dance when he sees me lace up my Brooks Cascadia shoes, he is smart he knows it means a trail run! Running Happy its what we do!
5 miles in and starting a climb soon
He is a little dog with a mighty heart, there is no mountain too big!! And off we ventured up the Garcia trail in Azusa which is a little steep and very dry single track for the most part.
the reward
After a quad breaking heart busting charge to the top we get to relax and enjoy the view.
Hammer enjoy s a raspberry hammergel.
Hammer is waiting for the word GO GO GO!!!
We wondered about running the ridge but I remembered the Mountain Lion and Bear photo my husband took last week so decided to take a rain check ...
Hammer leads the way down the dusty single track
Its always a GOOD day when you can run with your best friend! Sometimes we stop to smell smells....sometimes we do speed work and chase the critters, and sometimes Hammer needs a carry for 3 minutes to rejuvenate but at the end of the day we both get a great work out!
Hammer takes a break....because he can! Its called enjoy the day so we sit together on the grass....

At home Hammer heads straight for the water bowl and does a little dance for some food I happily oblige him and I make myself a Hammer recovery drink and some vegetarian corn dogs.....running makes me happy and hungry!