Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post VNUS Ablation ...(shrinky dinked my saphenous Vein)

 Well day 6 of this minimal invasive procedure and despite frustration of not being able to exercise other than walk I am feeling pretty good!

My left leg getting ready for the surgery Dang I have a good Sun tan!
So what you may ask is VNUS Ablation. well after I had visited a really cool Vein surgeon in Arcadia and they had performed an ultrasound test on both legs they discovered that I had CVI which is a progressive medical condition in which the valves that carry blood from the legs to the heart no longer function, causing blood to pool in the legs and veins to swell. This incorrect blood flow (or reflux) causes veins to expand, lose form and protrude from beneath the skin. At this point it becomes a medical necessity.

I guess the real reason I signed the dotted line was the promise of being a faster athlete as I would have a better blood flow, and my ankle and calf would not swell, I would eventually have a normal functioning leg! I liked that idea.

1. The Procedure: Wide awake through out the whole thing, was not really painful a little discomfort like being at the dentist which I dread also!
 So after a Catheter was inserted through a small incision below my knee , the surgeon is guided by ultrasound imaging and when the catheter is at the groin were the vein I guess finishes the Endovenous Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) Catheter  has a 6cm heating app to the top of it and is given a 20 second burst of radiofrequency energy up to 120C causing the vein to shrink it is repeated until the vein is sealed shut all the way... to collapse and close the enlarged leg vein. After the vein is sealed shut, the blood should redirect itself to a healthier vein....
My surgeon and assistants are smiling thats a pretty good sign !

2. Post Surgery: Wheeled out in a wheel chair!! Could not believe it I felt awesome and wanted to walk but docs orders are final and wheeled out I was....with in the next 40 minutes the Valium and pain killers set in and apparently I crashed onto the sofa and was out for quite a few hours in a groggy sleep!

So I had to wear a compression stocking for 3 days unable to remove it , I was allowed to walk but no swimming, cycling , running or weight training! I could see me loosing my sun tan very quickly!

Taking off the stocking on Day 3 was awesome even better was having a nice shower.

It is day 6, I have minimal bruising , I have no pain a little discomfort may be at the incision site but nothing I need a pain killer for.

My partner in crime has kept me company..
still no swimming, cycling and running until the doc gives me his blessing. 

So for the last 6 days I have watched more redbox DVDs than I care to admit. 
My min pin Hammer has been an excellent doctor.
I learnt that walking is better than sitting on the couch!
I helped at a mountain bike event but took regular breaks of sitting and raising my leg.
 Before the Valium sets in..
Like my friend Ed said " Like a cowboy.. she never takes the Hammer Hat off" 
 "Or the Rudy Projects Ed! Hey, where's Hammer???"
said another friend! geez!
I hate the compression stocking there is just nothing sexy about it at all and I was asked today if that was the new Copper sleeve I was wearing!!! really!!

So onwards and upwards I continue, to get stronger and healthier walking and grateful to see the light at the end of the tunnel.... 
The Black stocking!