Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May... ...Relays....

May 31st

Wow I cannot believe it is the last day of May ..it has been exactly a full four months to recover from lower back injuries and a total of 11 months since my last Ultra tri or Ultra run.... now it is time to train and build Onwards and Upwards as they say....and not look back in the review mirror.
My min pin Hammer ready to rock...

So May found me with a sponsor booth at Bonelli Park, a lot of fun was had as I swam the 300 meters while Al my husband cycled with no training at all on a road bike 7 miles then Hammer my min pin dragged me around a 5km run course it was an amusing morning at the Bonelli Triathlon and I was able to hand out Ocean Potion and Bull Frog, I also was on hand to give over all winners and lucky athletes of the raffle Polar Loops and Polar blue tooth H7s. The icing on top of the cake was our little relay team took first place on the podium! Good day representing Polar USA, Hammer Nutrition and Ocean Potion.
At the finish line with Aquaman wetsuit and my triglide

on the Podium as first place mixed relay team. Hammer looks good up there!

Hammer brings home a 23 minute 5km run! human in tow!

Hammer always ready to lend a paw...
Cancelled a few events in May so was good to be out on the athletic arena representing the companies that help me so much with my sport and coaching.
loved my new Brooks Launch running shoes.