Sunday, February 14, 2016

Surf City Half in memory of my friend Bouke Bendien.

My dear friend Bouke Bendien... No he was more than a friend he made me feel like I belonged and was family. Bouke was my mentor for triathlon, he was always interested in what I was up to and he was always there to help and train with. he was humble and kind not just to me but many different people in Puerto Rico. My heart was broken when I received the news of his passing. I was numb and could not stop crying... But he lived his life on his own terms and even raced on the Sunday at Ponce in Puerto Rico and passed on Wednesday morning. RIP Bouke for today Heaven gained and Puerto Rico lost an amazing human being ,,, I will always be inspired by you!


So on the 7th February I raced Surf Ciry Half Marathon in memory of my friend Bouke.
Picture and Bib number

All done and dusted

The Bling.

 The Race was pretty flat... although the views were amazing of the ocean I struggled to keep a pace at mile 8 and kinda lost the mentality at mile 9 and my Antilles Tendon began to whisper to me....

I finished in 1 hour 43 minutes... all the time my thoughts were on what would Bouke do .. he would just keep running in the way he did.... he was an amazing athlete and it was remembering all the fun times I had in racing and training with Bouke that finally got me to the finish line.

Life is short always tell people how much they mean to you....

EXPO and Photos
Ed the Jester

Ultraman ...

Arthur Webb Ultra runner
AL and Montana
Diane my friend.
The Bling
My training Buddy.

My good friend Andrea from Brooks.