Monday, January 20, 2014

13.1 mile run from the last Corral perspective

My life is full of surprises so when I was asked if I wanted some Disney Bling I responded most positively yes!
My friend David and I in the last corral...
The only clause was we were starting in Corral F, now to those who do not know what that means it means we have 13,000 runners in front of us! and we are in the last of the last Corral....
finally the start line
Tinker Bell

when we finally arrived at the start line the race had started 40 minutes prior! We were so far back we had not even heard the National Anthem and missed Minnie and Mickey Mouse!

The race announcer Rudy was funny, he shouted out WE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST!! there is only one thing you have to remember you must run 16 minute miles to officially finish the 13.1 mile run...There was no Disney Characters on the stage and then to begin the F wave rave Tinker bell flew across the screen...

this is what the A Corral saw....
About 5.5 miles of the race was run through Californian Adventure and Disneyland. I had hoped to see more traditional characters... I was running with David Sanders a friend of mine who had just ran the Dopey Challenge a week prior and we could not get into a good running pace due to the mass of people in front of us dressed in tutus, and fairy wings etc.... so we accepted our fate and took a few pics in side the theme park.
The Castle

still dark

Its a small world...

Mile 5!!! OH MY is that the time!!!
The Red Hat Society.       

The ladies in the Red Hat Society were out in force as we left the park and poured out into Anaheim/ Disney Walk ...finally we would be able to run a little faster it was pretty amazing the amount of people running along the streets. The aid stations had lots of water and energy drinks... I kept with my Hammer Nutrition and took some endurolytes, I was not feeling great I had a little headache and my legs were just shuffling along!!

The final 7 miles were physically and mentally draining! It had been so cold in the am, we had stood for an hour 15 in the corral and now I was asking my legs to run after we had been walking faster than we were jogging in some parts...

David posed with Batman spectator!

We thought this sign was super funny!

Mile 7 down we can see road ahead!

Rudy, Pluto and I just before the finish..
 Most runners had already gone back to their homes/hotels when we ran up to the finish line, a little under the 3 hour mark, was super nice to see Rudy whose birthday was today and Pluto greet us it was a Kodak moment for sure!
All this pain for this medal.....was it real!

Adriana, David and I with our much earned Bling.


The magical castle   

Yes I had fun it was cool to run through Californian Adventure and see Disneyland in the early morning....Starting in the last wave definitely was a different half marathon experience. I saw people who were pushing the limits of their fitness to finish, some were power walking others were jogging, some were run/walking. A lot were walking with a loved one enjoying the Disney experience. Some were running for loved ones. If you run a Disney event either start in the A Corral or be prepared to soak up the Disney experience toss out the watch and take your camera!
Big thanks to David Sanders for the Disney experience much appreciated.
 Thanks to Hammer Nutrition, Polar USA, Fuel Belt, Rudy Project USA, Brooks Running, Kool n Fit and Ocean Potion sun care.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Running for Meg January 18th 2014.

 Today I ran with Hammer my little min pin for 5 miles, when my friend Lynn brought to my attention to dedicate my run to Meg Cross Menzies, who was tragically killed by a drunk driver while out for her morning run on January 13, 2014. As an avid runner, member of the Richmond running club and Boston marathoner, she was a member of the running family nationwide. So in her honor today many people ran miles to raise awareness of drunk driving, text ing and driving, and overall safety of runners and cyclists everywhere. 
Hammer and I take in the sunshine
Hammer and I ran 5 miles and we had a few little things happen which I would like to share with you all.

1. I dress Hammer in a highly reflective yellow vest I want people and cars to see him he is also on a leash .

2. I have learnt through a life time of running never to trust a vehicle on the road..Call it gut instinct but I believe that the DMV should make a new rule no cars can do a right hand turn on RED and must wait to see if the green man is on to allow pedestrians, runners to cross.

3. Today I trusted my gut instinct and twice hesitated to cross on a green man as vehicles were turning right and the driver was looking frustrates me and sometimes the drivers can be rude.
Hammer and I stop and wait to cross a busy road.

4. Run against traffic, and warn others when you are approaching especially when with a min pin!

Drunk Drivers, Drivers text ing while driving. Drivers not paying attention to the road and lights etc.. e all are dangerous my heart and prayers go out to Megs family and friends.

Thanks Lynn for bringing this very sad story to my attention and sadly dedicate this 5 mile run to a special female runner whose life ended too early. Although I did not know Meg, she is remembered by a HUGE community of people through social media who for one day ran in her memory and that is pretty powerful.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jackie Bristow Memorial 5km run.

With Steve and Debbie Vasquez and a few of their friends.
Just over a week ago, Steve asked if I would be interested in running the Jackie Bristow Memorial 5km run, at first I was hesitant as I wanted to run Catalina 50 miler, but after really thinking about the expense involved in hotels and Ferry I decided not to race Catalina and participate in the 5km run due to the personal nature of the cause....eating disorders.



Starting line...with new triathletes William and Nick
 Having suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and being very close to death when I was 25 years old at 58 pounds, it seemed fitting to run in memory of a young lady whose life ended too soon, to run to help create awareness of eating disorders in the community and to see her family work so hard with so much passion to educate the schools and communities just how dangerous and damaging eating disorders can be. I admire the Bristows for their strength and passion in which they work hard to spread the news to all levels of society. for that reason and that reason alone I found myself in unfamiliar territory a 5km run.....

WHen the gun went off and with no warm up I felt like a horse on the track suddenly the blinders were up and it was full charge forward! 

I never looked back I just knew it was only 3 miles....after a mile I could breathe again! I was in my own rhythm running to my own race, I did not chase anyone down, I just tried to run forward with out crumbling! I heard my name yelled several times and when the finish line came into view savored the final few yards,

At the finish line I congratulated the group of elite runners I recognized from triathlon..
race bling
 Post Race:
there was a huge pancake breakfast for all the runners, an awesome raffle with generous donations from various shops and theme parks...think Sea World, In n Out, Cheesecake factory etc..Raffle was the bib numbers of the runners..

As for myself 49 years old, 21min 41 seconds , 2nd place 45-49, 11th female over all , 36th person to cross the finish line out of 420! Not too shabby to jump start my speed training!!

The Jackie Bristow Memorial 5k Run seeks to spread information to both those at risk for eating disorders and the coaches, parents, siblings and friends of those same at-risk people.

This Run/Walk provides a living way for the community to come together and remember Jackie Bristow's life, as well as celebrating the beauty of each and every participant. Together we can raise awareness of eating disorders and body image issues. 

Here is a link to another blog post on my journey of Anorexia Nervosa. 

A huge thank you to Hammer Nutrition for great sport nutrition, Polar USA for help Listening to my body! Brooks Running for great Launch Shoes, Rudy Project USA for Fluro glasses, Ocean Potion Suncare and Kool n Fit. and to Steve Vasquez for the great idea to participate in this event. I encourage others to do this in 2015.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years Run..for my friend Tammy

Tina and I get ready for the fun!
On January 4th at 7pm I was standing with a lot of runners on the corner of Grand and 7th ready to run 13.1 miles to celebrate 2014 BUT more importantly it was supposed to be with my friend Tammy Covarrubias.
You see Tammy has MS, and I really admire her grit and determination. She had this crazy idea that we would run this together to celebrate her 50th birthday and to celebrate mine in a few months! Her resolution was to Fight MS one step at a time. Unfortunately Tammy was unable to do the event and so at the last minute my friend Tina said she would do this with me.
relaxing in front of Macys before the event...
The Event
Running through LA from Grand to Dodger Stadium at night was certainly a treat, I was in the first Corral, I have never explored LA during the day so at night was intriguing. There was plenty of aid stations and I had my fuel belt with my Hammer gels and electrolytes so just needed to grab water.. The first 6 miles were mainly climbing I took it conservatively as was not sure what to expect. Entering Dodger Stadium was the highlight for sure!

 I took out my camera and snapped a few shots I mean when will I ever get to do this again! I was all smiles and high fived a few security peeps I was so excited! On leaving the Stadium it was mainly downhill for the last half of the run. Ran past China Town and there was two awesome bands playing, one drums next to China Town and there was also steel drums near by too. There was one or two patches were the road darkened and I found myself alone for 30 40 meters! and a lot of homeless people too...With 2 miles to go we are in the lights of LA running towards Staples Center, I slow down to help a teenager he is nauseated and wobbling (he just needed some Hammer Nutrition!) then it was energy to the finish and great to see my friend Rudy on the microphone.
running through Dodger Stadium
all smiles and very happy!

Post Race
plenty of water and the medals are pretty ..the ribbons ready on memory of Boston 2013 I thought that was a nice touch.

I missed  out on 3rd place 40-49 by one second! But that is okay I ran through Dodger Stadium and enjoyed every moment of taking pics, giving encouragement and running remembering my awesome friend whose idea it was in the first place to do this.

On the link below you can see the route and when I entered the stadium!went to a nice easy 19 minute mile!!

Tammy is an inspiration and with MS completed the Arizona Ironman a few years back, despite having limited vision, difficulty in walking and crashing on her bike. She is a strong minded woman and athlete.
 For ways you can help with MS check out their web site

Finisher medal and new Brooks Launch shoes.

Our race bling
China Town

Finish Line Happy pic

Tammys Bib and resolution

My bib to finish writing my book

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year resolutions and reflections

January 1st 2014
Not sure were 2013 went, but I am also glad it is in my rear view mirror. I took a year off from what I really love, Ultra Triathlons, I also did not scuba dive much but my year was challenging enough working on other issues. Was happy to be able to do a few races through out the year and highlights would have to include Beyond Limits 50 miler which I won and Zion 100km which I finished while facing my fears of heights, darkness and downhills!! I also helped my husband put on several road and Mountain bike events. My husband and I also faced some challenges but we are a team and we worked through them I hope 2014 will be a stellar year.

Moving into 2014 I have not made a New Years Resolution, I just want Peace in the World and to be healthy and happy. I am a little upset I cannot afford to do a few races such as Catalina 50 miler etc...but do have a race in April which I am going to train for and hopefully be able to get the funds needed to travel to the destination event..more on that later!

SO my resolutions are simple, I need to let go and not let little things bother me! I need to work more on being happy with what I have even though I do not drive I can still do some beautiful training in my local Foothills, even though I cannot afford to go to many races I can do smaller stuff locally and really support the companies that sponsor me at events with booths and as a motivational speaker for different groups. I truly hope to finish my book of my life and struggles from being Anorexic and hospitalized to traveling around the World meeting amazing people, living in different countries and living my dream.....

Life is beautiful if we allow it to be beautiful, we should not just wait until it it New Years Day to change our lives we have the power to do that every single day of the year!

We should not worry about social media, while I love it, it can also be depressing when you see people doing so many things! You truly make your own happiness and I for one have nothing to complain about other than a few issues that should be resolved by mid 2014! My life is rich with people I have met  who have influenced me in so many different ways. From all the corners of the Globe! I have an awesome family I live in Southern California and am owned my a miniature pincher that cannot be a bad thing!

SO raise a water bottle to 2014 it is going to be quite a ride!!