Saturday, January 11, 2014

Jackie Bristow Memorial 5km run.

With Steve and Debbie Vasquez and a few of their friends.
Just over a week ago, Steve asked if I would be interested in running the Jackie Bristow Memorial 5km run, at first I was hesitant as I wanted to run Catalina 50 miler, but after really thinking about the expense involved in hotels and Ferry I decided not to race Catalina and participate in the 5km run due to the personal nature of the cause....eating disorders.



Starting line...with new triathletes William and Nick
 Having suffered from Anorexia Nervosa and being very close to death when I was 25 years old at 58 pounds, it seemed fitting to run in memory of a young lady whose life ended too soon, to run to help create awareness of eating disorders in the community and to see her family work so hard with so much passion to educate the schools and communities just how dangerous and damaging eating disorders can be. I admire the Bristows for their strength and passion in which they work hard to spread the news to all levels of society. for that reason and that reason alone I found myself in unfamiliar territory a 5km run.....

WHen the gun went off and with no warm up I felt like a horse on the track suddenly the blinders were up and it was full charge forward! 

I never looked back I just knew it was only 3 miles....after a mile I could breathe again! I was in my own rhythm running to my own race, I did not chase anyone down, I just tried to run forward with out crumbling! I heard my name yelled several times and when the finish line came into view savored the final few yards,

At the finish line I congratulated the group of elite runners I recognized from triathlon..
race bling
 Post Race:
there was a huge pancake breakfast for all the runners, an awesome raffle with generous donations from various shops and theme parks...think Sea World, In n Out, Cheesecake factory etc..Raffle was the bib numbers of the runners..

As for myself 49 years old, 21min 41 seconds , 2nd place 45-49, 11th female over all , 36th person to cross the finish line out of 420! Not too shabby to jump start my speed training!!

The Jackie Bristow Memorial 5k Run seeks to spread information to both those at risk for eating disorders and the coaches, parents, siblings and friends of those same at-risk people.

This Run/Walk provides a living way for the community to come together and remember Jackie Bristow's life, as well as celebrating the beauty of each and every participant. Together we can raise awareness of eating disorders and body image issues. 

Here is a link to another blog post on my journey of Anorexia Nervosa. 

A huge thank you to Hammer Nutrition for great sport nutrition, Polar USA for help Listening to my body! Brooks Running for great Launch Shoes, Rudy Project USA for Fluro glasses, Ocean Potion Suncare and Kool n Fit. and to Steve Vasquez for the great idea to participate in this event. I encourage others to do this in 2015.

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