Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year resolutions and reflections

January 1st 2014
Not sure were 2013 went, but I am also glad it is in my rear view mirror. I took a year off from what I really love, Ultra Triathlons, I also did not scuba dive much but my year was challenging enough working on other issues. Was happy to be able to do a few races through out the year and highlights would have to include Beyond Limits 50 miler which I won and Zion 100km which I finished while facing my fears of heights, darkness and downhills!! I also helped my husband put on several road and Mountain bike events. My husband and I also faced some challenges but we are a team and we worked through them I hope 2014 will be a stellar year.

Moving into 2014 I have not made a New Years Resolution, I just want Peace in the World and to be healthy and happy. I am a little upset I cannot afford to do a few races such as Catalina 50 miler etc...but do have a race in April which I am going to train for and hopefully be able to get the funds needed to travel to the destination event..more on that later!

SO my resolutions are simple, I need to let go and not let little things bother me! I need to work more on being happy with what I have even though I do not drive I can still do some beautiful training in my local Foothills, even though I cannot afford to go to many races I can do smaller stuff locally and really support the companies that sponsor me at events with booths and as a motivational speaker for different groups. I truly hope to finish my book of my life and struggles from being Anorexic and hospitalized to traveling around the World meeting amazing people, living in different countries and living my dream.....

Life is beautiful if we allow it to be beautiful, we should not just wait until it it New Years Day to change our lives we have the power to do that every single day of the year!

We should not worry about social media, while I love it, it can also be depressing when you see people doing so many things! You truly make your own happiness and I for one have nothing to complain about other than a few issues that should be resolved by mid 2014! My life is rich with people I have met  who have influenced me in so many different ways. From all the corners of the Globe! I have an awesome family I live in Southern California and am owned my a miniature pincher that cannot be a bad thing!

SO raise a water bottle to 2014 it is going to be quite a ride!!


  1. Happy 2014! You are inspiring to me. I never have FOMO seeing your online feed, just a case of the happies to be badass in my own way too.

    1. Kia thank you you are pretty inspiring too!

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