Thursday, December 11, 2014

Keep the Chocolate out of sight!

Celebrating one year Anniversary of Hammers abstinence of dark chocolate. 11th December 2013 is etched forever in our hearts and souls.
Hammer with the BEST Veterinarian!! Donna from the Village Animal Hospital. Diamond Bar
 Twas a couple of weeks before Christmas Hammer was home alone for less than 30 minutes in that time he managed to get onto the kitchen table open up a bag of chocolate morsels and consume 2.5pounds of those morsels..
Chocolate poop

not much left

The Saga continued in less than 15 minutes a friend of ours who was on his way over gave me a lift to Hammers usual vet in Glendora. I was a certified mess and Al was out seeing a customer.

Hammer had consumed a lethal amount of chocolate his eyes were manic his heart rate was super high, I cried so much I was beyond upset..... They stomach pumped him gave him charcoal etc I was not allowed to be with him.
When AL arrived and a phone call later to an angel known as Dr Donna we had Hammer transferred to The Village Animal Hospital in Diamond Bar.

I was allowed to stay with Hammer.......

 The professionalism and swiftness of which ALL the staff worked on Hammer was truly amazing, I was given a box of Kleenex tissues I was a certifiable mess.

Hammers Heart rate went as high as 220 and as low as 120 during his 3 hour fight for life ! He had been made to vomit, put on an IV given Charcoal, then the poor little thing was given an Enema of warm water until feces no longer looked like chocolate!

I made the choice of taking him home at 9pm with emergency numbers on speed dial. We were in the fight for his life and we were going to win.

Every hour from 9pm I made a warm water gruel which a fed to Hammer then I had him go out side to pee, I did this until 7am the next morning I never missed an hour and was so exhausted I fell asleep.....
I woke up in a panic I had fell asleep to the mist beautiful noise in the World he was snoring!

I am so grateful to ALL the friends, family and to the Village Animal Hospital, for the 100s and 100s of e mails and messages and phone calls of genuine love and support.Hammer Wiscovitch Degazon lived through this ordeal and pretty grateful he is a running dog an athlete for his heart to be able to take this awful abuse.

excellent care

it is going to be okay Suzy!

In his element a day later

Dancing in the Rain   

Cards from the Larsens!
The Miracle
Please watch over your dogs at Christmas time, make sure they cannot get into chocolate I was lucky and Hammer was truly blessed. He is our little miracle and very happy to have him a year later with no side affects at all and no more Emergency trips to the Doggy ER.