Sunday, October 13, 2013

Welcome back to running at Long Beach Marathon.

it is as always about that bling!
On Wednesday afternoon I was cleared to run after having a dental bone graft and titanium implant in my upper jaw! Long Beach Marathon was on Sunday and I loved to help Kool n Fit with their booth at the expo, so I thought why not lets do a little marathon on Sunday to officially break out into training again!

Lorraine and my friend Angelica on the rt. who gave me a lift to the venue and back home!
Pre Race
On the 3 days leading up to the marathon I helped at the expo, did my work for the Triple Crown Mountain bike event, ran two easy 4 mile runs with Hammer and wondered how I would pull off this jog seemed like a plan......
I met a few Long Beach Marathon Legacy runners at the expo, pretty cool some were wearing the very first race t shirts!!!

SUNDAY race day!
Plan of action....To run easy and to finish in under 4 hours as I did not want to set my goal high with limited training..
Gun went off and I started to run, my heart rate was dare I say slightly elevated! my stomach was rumbling I needed the portaloo near mile 2 my prayers were answered, oh my what did I eat? 
Anyhow, by mile 6 I did a reality check that this was going to be a mentally tough day and I could not run how I say comfortable at all! I felt good, no head aches, no pain in my legs I just did not have the leg turn over I usually have at marathons, by mile 19 I had visited those awful portapotties 5 times!!! Pretty sure the runners trots were caused by the new strong coffee I had had in the am...

The 3.35 pace group went by me then the 3 45 pace group I was not wearing ear buds so to keep my self going forward I gave out high fives to other runners, and was delighted to see Steve and Annie Harvey on the course legacy runners and I had time to go over and give them both a nice sweaty hug!
I also saw my friend Rory at the mile 9 mark that was a nice break and mentally made me feel good.
I stopped at all the Kool n Fit spray stations to be sprayed down too!

I RAN, I Jogged, I laughed I hugged I gave out high fives, I was happy to be running again and remembered what I told my running group keep motivated use your arms, do not slouch!
 I also realized that due to my stomach problems I had to keep on top of my Hammer Nutrition Electrolytes, Endurance Aminos and my Hammer gel...and at mile 19 I started to feel better I painted a huge smile when I saw mile 21 and thought wow only 5.2 miles left!

Running down the marathon chute was awesome the air was electric although my time was slower which I knew going into the marathon I did a respectable 3 hours and 51 minutes and shocker good enough for 8th female in the 45-49 age group..(next year I will be in the 50-54!)

After I had cleared the chute and had my medal on I went over to help at the Kool n Fit booth and spray down the runners. I had fun, I got to socialize and saw a lot of Brooks running shoes!! LOL
right after I finished running I headed over to spray other runners

In center Renate from Kool n Fit and Jay.

Ralph from Kool n Fit

All Smiles the deed is done

A BIG thanks to my friend Angelica for the car pool we both had a mentally tough day but finished.

 Thanks to:
 KOOL N FIT I enjoyed the weekend very much and was well sprayed down.
 HAMMER NUTRITION was really important to me when I started to falter grateful for great raceday nutrition ..
 FUEL BELT I was able to carry everything I needed and grateful I put ASEA water into 2 of the little bottles and one with Hammer gel and one normal water. As the water on the course was one word disgusting... I worked it out by mile 18 it was the wax coated cups they were using awful!
 OCEAN POTION well protected with the best sun care!
POLAR USA Thanks for a great RCX5 monitor I did not want to see the numbers it gave me but I knew it did not lie!!
BROOKS RUNNING for making great running shoes my choice for the marathon was Launch.
RUDY PROJECT for making the best neon sport glasses in the business!!

The Long Beach International City Bank Marathon

Race Standings

  •   13611
  • 502
  • 109
  •   6
  •   4062
  •   F
  •   49:   06:26:29;
  •       00:26:01
  •     00:50:43
  •    01:52:32
  •   02:50:49
  •   03:51:51

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