Monday, October 28, 2013

Running in Costume at the LA Rock n Roll 13.1

I have been a busy Bee these past few days, I was helping at Mount SAC at the Brooks Running tent at the Mount SAC Invitational, the next day I was part of the San Dimas Community event for families and cycling. Sunday was a play date with 13.1 miles in downtown LA and I was very grateful to Brooks Running for my entry!
Mile 12 I stopped to take a photo under the bridge!
So as it was a costume themed run and Brooks Happy Running was yellow I thought I would dress as a bumble bee... right? it seemed like a good idea here is what I learnt about running in costume.
  • First you would never run in new shoes for a competition.. so why would you run in a costume you have never ran in before.
  • If you are planning to be competitive dress as a competitive runner  !
  • Just because my Bumble Bee out fit had wings on it did not mean I would fly around the other runners! They actually slowed down to allow all the runners to keep ahead I had to be stealth bomber bee and look for available opening..
  • Running in could have been worse.. feeling thankful I put Brooks nightlife socks under the nylons. The nylons bothered me they were hot and sticky to run it!
  • I wore cute Orange hibiscus earrings and in the first mile one of them fell out and I stopped as I spotted my precious earring rolling into the gutter....another lesson in Costumes do not wear anything of value!!Cost me a minute trying to chase it down and not get crushed by feet!
  • Those funny things bobbing on top of my head attached by a plastic clip did not bother me until mile 6 when they kept flopping onto my forehead! and the band pressed into my temples!
 I swore I would start the race in the costume and finish in costume. If I had known the wings and nylons were going to be that uncomfortable I might have chosen to be a yellow banana!
The Race
The Halloween version of the LA Rock n Roll was a fun event, there was a lot of mini marathoners which was about 3.5 miles not timed. What I could not understand is why they would start these runners in the same group as the half marathoners with 1.40 and below finishing times so the beginning was a little congested but fun seeing all the different costumes!
Plenty of aid stations I had my fuel belt so was pretty much self contained with my Montana Huckleberry hammergel! Lots of awesome cheerleaders on route and a few scarey looking zombies.
Despite the overcast and drizzle the course was great to run on although I could not tell you which bridge I ran over or under all the volunteers were fantastic and helpful!
The pic is side ways I apologize but this was at the finish line with Larry a 100 mile runner!

At the end of the race I found Liz and her co workers were else but the beer garden which was a great venue in front of the Staple Center and had some amazing bronze statues of incredible athletes.
My friend Liz who still uses her Polar heart rate monitor all smiles.
 I had a great day and was grateful to Liz for picking me up at 5am the laughs we had as she picked up her co workers from City of Hope all these ladies were amazing and fund raising for there hospital. 
the bling resting on my Brooks Launch...
Bling and Polar Monitors

A fun event to do being dressed up certainly made it more challenging. Weather slightly chilly and a little disappointed that the Rock N Roll organizers ran out of those nice and shiny space blankets at the finish line!! Good Job my friends had finished there mini marathon and I could get my warm Hammer Jacket from the car!
A HUGE thanks to Brooks running for letting me run this event, Hammer Nutrition, Fuel Belt, Rudy Project USA, Kool N Fit, Ocean Potion, Polar USA and Lis Chavez of City of Hope for letting me share the day with her amazing co workers one of which is recovering from Brain cancer and managed to walk for 9 miles pretty incredible.

I finished 4th in the woman 45-49 missing 3rd place by just under 2 minutes but Happy all the same as my time was slightly slower than I usually run 1 hr 41 mins I was 52nd female over all not bad for a bumble bee!
Every runner should dress up for at least one run it just adds a whole new dimension!!

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