Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Heartbreak 100

Rory and I all smiles at mile 70 (thanks Steve for the pic)
Late Thursday evening my friend Rory text message came through...hey Suzy want to ride a century on Saturday treat?
Mmm; I thought... I was planning a scuba trip, but it was canceled and then planned on helping a tri clinic that was canceled too, I had no excuse other than that I had not done any specific training for a 100 mile ride and that would be my longest ride of 2013! By Friday noon I was registered and thought oh my what have I got my self into!
Love my Kool n Fit and Rock Tape
Saturday morning arrived and my right foot was not a happy foot I was having a little pain which I did not like but figured once it was in my bike shoe it would be secure and snug......
the views were breathtaking

I had a blast going through the National Park
 Heartbreak is not exactly an easy 100 miler there is quite a bit of climbing and it actually begins from mile one to mile 20 with a nice gradual uphill a few rollers and uphill to Apache Saddle, I could recuperate and fill up my bottles with fresh water I also ate a Hammer Vegan bar which I really liked.

There were only a few stops in this 100 mile event organized by Planet Ultra, 4 stops in all and well spaced out, we wasted a lot of time at mile 52 as there was only one bathroom..... but apart from that, all the aid stations were fully stocked with my favorite Nutritional product you guessed it Perpetuem, Sustained Energy, Heed and Hammer gels!!! it was a smorgasbord of Hammer Products. I had already enough to get me through the event as I multi bottled on my fuel. Just needing water and take in my endurolytes.

hammer hammer mile 52!
 I was a little worried I would not make the ride with the way my foot was I could not stand up on my pedals and it hurt to clip in and clip out but while riding it just went through the motion! I felt great and Rory was fun to cycle with and was great cycling with Steve Meichtry this guy has over 130 ultra cycling events to his name! and rode 200 miles that day! 
I fueled entirely on  Perpetuem Hammer Vegan Bars and Endurolytes, I had no issues with my nutrition today and was really happy I had accepted Rorys invitation and was so cool to see a lot of familiar faces. The climbs were not that bad and the weather was perfect, we did have a little head wind at the beginning of the ride and the long stretches of downhill were really not that bad and the whole day was just perfect for cycling meeting old friends and making new friends!
After the event was over Planet Ultra put on a great BBQ, I was able to enjoy a really nice veggie burger and enjoyed catching up on the adventures we all had had while cycling heartbreak! I was so happy to take off my bike shoes and put on my comfy Brooks Launch!

Huge thanks to Hammer Nutrition, Serfas Tires, Polar Heart Rate Monitors, Rudy Project USA, Williams Wheels, Fuelbelt, Ocean Potion suncare, Profile Design, Brooks USA and TRIALL3Sports !
Below is from my Polar RCX5.

Thanks for reading!

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