Sunday, July 6, 2014

Grand Tour 200 miles of cycling in one day!

So a week ago at the last minute of the last hour on Friday I was given the go ahead to cycle on Saturday after having my foot treated for a strained ligament...I was elated and so with the help of my friend Rory I ended up in Malibu at 5.30am to cycle with my ultra friend Lorraine for 200 miles....
I am all smiles at mile 105 plenty of Hammer Nutrition to keep me moving forward.

 We began the adventure at 5.30am, in day light, no need for head lights but I did have my rear blinky light on... We began at an aggressive pace which picked up when a group of four riders past us on the Pacific Highway better known as the PCH, not my favorite road to ride on but for 25 miles I would come to embrace it.... rolling hills and flats, passing some incredible scenery with the Amazing Ocean on one side and running/hiking trails on the other....
About mile 20 ...
The whole day was just awesome, very little wind , a little on the hot side. I kept up my hydration and used Perpetuem as my main fuel,.. The aid stations were well manned about 30 miles between each. The main rest stop was the 100 mile mark, were a full buffet of lunch could be had... I kept it really plain and ate plainly, rehydrated filled the water bottles with fresh perpetuem and iced water and we were off.
Cycling buddies we kept together for most of the day...  
It was quite a journey, none of us had any issues with flat tires, Lorraine and her friend were super strong all day and Bruce Lorraines Husband would finish his first double. Mid way Lorraine decided to catch on to the rear wheel of a fast moving pace line...i did every thing I could to keep the rear wheel in front on my front heart rate was super high and the issue I had was my toes cramping.... then it was full charge again to catch onto the pace line!! I seriously thought I would crash and burn and not be able to continue. !! I kept on with my calories and Hammer Nutrition, and we finished in daylight too!! 14 hours is respectable ! I was super happy as it was good training and a mental booster for the Double Iron I had signed up for!
First time using my new William Wheels 30s all smiles...
Great Views

Point Mugu

loving me some Ocean Views..

My first Grand Tour Brent was my tour guide!

Bruce and Lorraine fantastic Couple.

Jean and Amy all smiles before their first successful double finish


Big Thanks to my friend Rory for volunteering his time for the event.

After the event it was time for home I was super tired and Lorraine drove us home! Time for recovery as I looked at my Polar V800... yikes and time for some recovery drinks...
whoa thats a lot of recovery time!!

Thank Goodness for Hammer Nutrition

Time to relax with Hammer guarding over me!

This years Grand Tour was bitter sweet, besides finishing in day light and meeting friends and making new friends, it was sad to be reminded of an awesome female who made the Grand Tour what it was year after year, and who died from a bike accident. Pam will always be remembered...

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