Thursday, February 27, 2014

Running between the Storms.

Southern California is having a that is not breaking news and rain seems like something that only happens once or twice a it is was with great hype the announcement of a storm system which would create havoc to the high burn areas here in  our local Foothills......Wet roads..mmm no cycling but running would pique my interest 
Tarrah and I at mile 5
 So when I saw a text message of a runner training for Angeles Crest 100 wanting some running buddies on the trails I said yup, I am slow but I would love to go! Rain or Shine the commitment was made.
Tarrah flies over the water!

I just plod straight though it!

Running after a much needed down pour was a cool experience we slipped and tripped, we saw amazing views we were the only ones on the trail! 

When you go down to the woods today......yup Bear print freshly minted!

Killer Tree ....Killer Runner

The Sun is coming out!

So by the end of the run we had started in rain and ended in Sunshine, I had made a new trail running friend seen a bear print and 3 deers, got soaking wet saw some awesome views and was done and dusted by 8.30am! Good productive start to the day! Thanks Tarrah for the invite and you will be so ready for AC100.
Below is a link to my RC3 GPS Data.

Felt like I was in Hobbit Land!

Recovery after every training effort.

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