Saturday, February 15, 2014

Back in the saddle...

So on the 8th and 9th of February I would ride my bike 100 miles and run 13.1 miles the day after. I used to do this kind of stuff all the time, but with a year off from any distance cycling and just resuming my cycling two weeks prior to Palm Springs I certainly had my work cut out!

The 100 miler went well, kind of bitter sweet... the first few miles had some serious wind enough for a few cyclists to be blown off their bikes, but not as bad as the winds I have experienced in Hawaii. The aid stations were well stocked with water and lots of snack type food and sport nutrition; I had plenty of Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem, Endurolytes and Fizz with a Hammer Bar to get me through the journey.
In front of Marlyn Monroe before the event

It is Hammer Time!

Chocolate Recoverite!

Unfortunately as I approached mile 68 I discovered that La Vonne a recreational cyclist with Cycling Connections had been hit, we later discovered that she would not recover and was pronounced dead at 1pm. very tragic and a horrible loss to the cycling community. Put an awful dark cloud over the last 30 miles.

I did the majority of the ride with a new cycling friend Debbie Pearl and felt like a cyclist again. 
Me, Trish Mayo and Debbie Pearl

My Brooks Launch and Kool n Fit!

On the Sunday was a 13.1 mile run, I was not too sure how I would do after the bike ride the longest I had done in over 9 months!

The run was mainly flat with rolling hills, all asphalt at Mile 6 I could see the lead runners already on their way back, by mile 8 I had to slow my roll and take a hammer gel I thought to my self it was only 5 more miles!! 
Glad I wore my fuel belt as I was able to have my hammergel in solution and my enrurolytes and just had to grab water when I needed it!
The last 2 miles took forever and just as I was like no more I saw the 13 mile marker! I started to speed up and was clocked at 1 hr 40 minutes and change! Good enough for 25th Female over all and 2 female in the 45-49 age group!

I highly recommend the 13.1 mile run by Greg Kline, well organized, good aid stations great volunteers and just a class event. He even brought in Elvis Presley and Marlyn Monroe to the award ceremony!
Rory, Michael, me and Roelh

2nd place female 45-49

Me, Elvis and Greg Kline (RD)

A HUGE THANK YOU to my friend Rory Sandoval who sponsored my weekend and managed to get me out back into the racing scene again! I had a blast! 
And thank you to Hammer Nutrition, Fuel Belt, Rudy Project, Serfas, Williams Wheels, Brooks, Ocean Potion suncare and Kool n Fit !

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