Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hollywood 10km / 5km run with family fun

On April 7th 2012 Al, Cheyenne, Montana and I set out to Hollywood to run amongst the Hollywood Stars!
Cheyenne, Al, Montana and Suzy

The event started really on Good Friday, yup you read that right...Good Friday for packet pick up at Hilton Universal! Who in the right minds plans a packet pick up at Universal on Good Friday! Needless to say the traffic was impossible, never mind trying to find parking with 10 000 other like minded runners! Al and I ended up paying the parking fee for the Hilton hotel, I am sure they benefited greatly from packet pick up day. We ended up doing a total of 5 hours driving and stuck in traffic to cover a distance of 45 miles!
Suzy and Al with our race numbers
Race morning was a little chilly and to find parking was a joke so we parked a few miles from the start of the race and warmed up walking.
We witnessed the 1st and 2nd place overall men side by side with 2.5 miles to finish!

and always inspirational the wheel chair division.

The 10km and 5km started at 8am so we spent 2 hours watching all the runners doing the 13.1 mile race and then warmed up for our race. Al, Montana and Cheyenne would do the 5km and I opted to do the 10km, originally we had planned to bring our small dogs Cookie and Hammer but were told dogs were not allowed! That was a little disappointing...
Hammer and I actually ran a 10km on the Friday night to make up for him not being able to run the Hollywood 10km and he found $25 !
Suzy and Al just before the start of the race
5 mins away and hoping to run Happy
The National Anthem is sung and then we are let loose out of the corral, I quickly set off getting into a high heart rate almost immediately, I just keep putting one foot in front of the other, focusing on runners ahead that I may catch, before I knew it I was passing the 5km turnaround, I felt my heart was going to burst, so I slowed a bit and tried to sing along to Queen, getting into a nice pace just before the 10km turnaround I over take a woman who decides to stick with me, I just do what I know best run my own race soon it is only 2 miles to go, I think I see the finish I accelerate a little ...oops no still a mile or so to go, Finally I see the finish and happily cross the mat, I thought I was going to pass out as my heart tried to suddenly slow down!

I found Al and the girls they all had done well and we all had great medals to show off too.
Its all about the bling!
A Hollywood star
My Ravennas have a Hollywood star of their own!
We all had a great time I was so proud of the girls and Al
 Despite the parking issue the event was great we ran down Hollywood, I was totally self supported with my fuel belt and Hammer Gel did not have to worry about aid stations etc and the medal and timing chip and great looking bib number we got to keep.
My stats:
Suzy Degazon #7885
Age: 47 Gender: F
Distance 10K
Chip Time 44:41.6
Overall Place 29 / 1302
Gender Place 12 / 864
Division Place 1 / 60
Age Grade 74.8%
Pace 7:13
My max heart rate was 175 bpm and average was 165!
Not too bad considering I do not like to do speed work missed running with Hammer.

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