Sunday, January 24, 2016

Its time to ride...for I am the comeback kid!

Its no joke this right hand of mine... BUT today I decided to do my first hill ride in 9 weeks and test out my right hand... and do the longest ride to date since 19th November.... I cycled up GMR.

Proof of my ride!
GMR stands for Glendora Mountain Road it is like having our own mini Alpe De Huez right on our doorstep! But these last few weeks I have not attempted to ride the bike up the due to a badly damaged right hand...

So lessons from my ride
1. Went up 12 miles spinning, trying to enjoy the pain of the climb.
2. You do not forget how to ride a bike.... however it seems harder to climb after not riding for a while.
3. Going up hill had to hold the hoods of the handlebar, my right hand did not like gripping the handlebar.
4. At the top of the ridge I enjoyed the view chugged down a Hammer Heed and laughed out load a wonderful afternoon for what seems like my maiden voyage up GMR.
5. Going downhill was like being at hand therapy.. began extremely painful for my right fingers to touch the brakes...every time the wheels went over a bump my little pinky hurt..As the descent continued my fingers became stronger at holding / feathering the brakes.
6. I am still unable to make a fully clenched fist but felt grateful I could grip the hoods of the handlebars..

I am super happy I decided to try and ride my bike today...I still have a little way to go before I am 100%  I will take 24 miles its a start!!!
I am the comeback kid!!!

Now to ice my hand and tape it...
My average Heart Rate was 124 I tried to keep it in zone 3 for most of the ride although I did hit zone 4  on some of the grades...

The beautiful views

All smiles I made the ridge.

my beautiful bike

Life is great when you let it be.
Coming back from an injury is never easy
It is frustrating 
Who would have thought soft tissue could be so darn stubborn.
Its time to start out again with baby steps
Day by day I will get stronger at all 3 disciplines
Life is a journey and so is my full recovery
Tomorrow is a swim day and so it begins... 

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