Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Getting back in the saddle after injury

Its time to RIDE
Gosh I have missed my bike.... After I had a nasty cycling accident on the 19th November I have had to rehab a fracture in my left arm and still getting therapy on my right hand, I have not been able to swim of bike but lots of walking and just started marathon training again. AND....TODAY Jan 4th I put my road bike together and yup..I WENT FOR A RIDE!!!

Happiness SO SO happy!!!

Thank you to my new Polar 450 for informing me I did 19.14 miles... longest ride to date!!!!

It is not easy getting on the bike I felt like a child again... my wrists did not hurt and just a little discomfort in two of my fingers... felt great to be turning the pedals, felt great to put on my cycling kit ... felt a little wobbly but I AM ONE HAPPY CAMPER the light is looking brighter at the end of the tunnel and my glass is more than half full......

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