Saturday, June 15, 2013

Relay Champions at Trievents Bonelli Park./ cycling back to health.

Hammer (the Min Pin) myself and Al a winning combination!

It has been a long two years for AL, who managed to do the unexpected and break his femur while scuba diving at Catalina Island in 3 places and even detaching his ACL with a broken piece of femur!

Opting for non invasive surgery meant it would be a long slow recovery but he would have no metal pieces in his leg. He wore a knee contraption and huge brace which covered his whole leg, a handicapped sign on the truck and a wheel chair!

In January 2013 he felt good enough to begin riding his mountain bike again so I dusted off the cobwebs on mine so I could tag along, it was great to have my cycling buddy back again! So we decided we would do a few triathlon relays together Al would do the cycling portion and I would swim and run. That way we could enjoy each others company in training and in racing more importantly get Al to come along to the triathlons which I just am simply passionate about!

 Relay number 1.
All smiles before disaster ensued.

Our first relay was on April 6th at an Xterra in Bonelli park. we figured home turf and great training we should podium...mmm

I swam and then exchanged chip with AL he set off for two laps of the mnt bike...
At the finish line me and my man!

 After 50 mins had past I realized something must have had happened to AL...yup he had crashed as his front wheel blew out! on a hot turn. Our event was over. He went to medical and was cleaned and bandaged up and he told me to go finish the run it would be good practice!

The next morning was the first relay in the Trievents series at Bonelli Park, Al was pretty banged and bruised but we decided to go to the tri any way and give it our best shot!

swimmer with bandaged cyclist !!

Despite Als injuries we made the Podium in first place what a difference 24 hours makes!
Podium with Hammer!

At the second trievent a month later we also placed with a third place, Al had had a mechanical but still finished the bike and I had an amazing run! we also at each event put up a Booth representing Polar Monitors and Hammer Nutrition.

The second in the series was a little more cycling and running. The day went well and it was awesome to be part of the grassroot event! Trievents really is growing into its 31st year!

The final event of the series is in June, and there was around 800 triathletes signed up for the express and Championship events that is HUGE for this triathlon. The sun was out plenty of smiles to be shared.
I had Hammer Nutrition samples and info, the latest Polat Monitors and even Ocean Potion sunscreen.
 The swim was 1500 meters, I was with the mens group as I was mixed relay, on exiting the swim I handed my chip to Al who was dealing with a cracked rib and asthma while he was cycling I took photos and encouraged and cheered on the other triathletes I just love these events!

I was all smiles on the 6.2 mile run, I was being conservative as I had hurt my foot if I kept my feet in a straight line they were okay going up the hills I went side ways but I got the job done!

Al and I made the top spot on the podium and of course we included Hammer who is my running buddy on my long runs! We met amazing athletes made new friends and chatted with old friends!
We also were the number one relay team combined in all the 3 events! SO not bad for team work!

I presented the overall champions in both races with a brand new Polar RCX5 monitor and also raffled off two FT7 Polar monitors. And gave out samples of the Hammer Vegan Bars.

Proud team Polar powered by Hammer Nutrition!
There are many reasons to do triathlons, but when I get to share my passion of the sport with my husband it really is a cool thing and to think the doctors told him he would never be the same on that leg he broke!

On the note I have to rest my foot it needs to run happy and not in pain.

With Hammer , Al Hammer and Cookie!

A HUGE thank you to Hammer Nutrition, Polar Monitors, Rudy Project, Brooks running, Serfas, Kool n Fit, Ocean Potion Suncare, Profile-Design, Aquaman Wetsuits, Covina Masters Aquatics, Williams Wheels. Fuelbelt. Trislide. and Triall3SPorts.

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