Saturday, April 6, 2013

When racing goes wrong...Xterra Bonelli April 6th.

Al and I before the swim

SO my day began well, we loaded up the truck and headed over to Bonelli. We were so excited to race this as a team, Al had started cycling this year after an awful freak accident had his left leg broken in 3 places 18 months ago.
swim chute
My light blue cap ...adjust my goggles the air horn went off and the half mile swim began. All I had to do was keep out of the batting ring swim to a large yellow buoy, turn around and swim back to the dock....
passing the timing chip to AL
The swim went as expected. fast arms and bobbing colored hats ensued, some swimmers in panick mode and swimming on their backs before even half way, aggressive swimmers swimming over me and managed to get a good slap on my head as I neared the shore, drank a little water but made it, did a mad dash to the transition gave the chip to AL and he was off.
While I was refueling for the planned hilly and challenging 3.2 mile run my husband was having a few problems of his own, I began to worry when I had not seen him on his first 7 mile loop...
He had taken a nasty fall 6 miles into the first loop, his tire had been slashed by a rock, he ran all the way to transition to get help then to his truck to get a spare tire..
Unfortunately all wheels are not made the same and he had lean t his wheel the week before to a pro mountain biker and used a different cusp, which he had forgot to put back on...needless to say that was the end of the ride! We went to the Incycle mechanic but no spare wheels, 28 minutes cycling 6 miles covered ...
Instead of a podium spot he took a top seat at the First Aid tent, he was frustrated about the situation as he had trained hard and felt great but on a happier note he had no broken bones the damage was to the wheel not to human bones.
I was allowed to do the fun in officially it felt good to run off our disappointment but great to know AL had no broken bones...

 My husband greeted me across the line, we may have been unofficial, but we will both live to race another day...

We left the venue and I left me precious SOS "Survival of the Shawangunks" triathlon towel! Just so much going on I did not think to go back to transition....Hope I get it back.

Spent the afternoon at the bike shop INCYCLE repairing the front wheel and getting his road bike in good condition.... we will repeat again tomorrow!!!!!

our photographer Montana did an awesome job.

the missing cusps!

while we did not officially finish something much more important was happening as the Blazeman Roll and the War against ALS was prominent. As one of the athletes friends had been diagnosed with ALS and was racing all the Xterra events and would give his bib number to his friend and they would both do the roll together over the finish line. Brought tears to many of the spectators and athletes too.
The event put on by Renegade Racing was EXCELLENT. Plenty of course marshals and plenty of well placed signs we will do this event again.
Thanks for reading....its not the result we wanted but that's racing for you.

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