Saturday, April 13, 2013

Team Relay part two!!!

No I did not do a team relay with Macca, But he was a super nice guy and he really wanted his photo with Hammer my min pin before he went to set up his bike at Bonelli Triathlon by Tri Events... I was super happy to see him racing here I have a lot of respect for Macca and love the way he talks and races!!
Before I could race I set up my booth for POLAR USA and also Hammer Nutrition. With help from my husband AL and Montana.
I also took lots of Ocean Potion Suncare to share with the athletes very important to protect the skin!
AL and I went to transition we were ready to Rock n Roll, he was all taped up from yesterdays crash, but we would try to do our best
SWIM : I swam my heart out and in the process was swam over, pummeled, dunked but I kept on swimming forward I just had to survive. As I neared the finish I went to stand up and immediately fell down I think I found the ONLY rocky hole at the shore!
T1, I ran up the carpeted hill which ended at the timing mat, I than ran over the asphalt to meet Al give him the timing chip and he was off on his two laps of the road bike.
BIKE: Al cycled in incredible pain but put in two smoking fast circuits on the bike, he rode consistent and was able to finish with out any mishaps.
RUN : 5 km run I set off feeling good, I cheered every runner I passed and said great job to runners that past me! All I knew was I could not stop I had to keep up a good pace.

It is ALWAYS a fantastic race when you make the podium, we took first place in the relay championships and of course we shared the Podium with Hammer our Min Pin!

Was a great day at the races, enjoyed watching the childrens championships, meeting Macca and spending time with AL and Montana.
I also spent a lot of time educating athletes on Polar Heart Rate training and also the Hammer Nutrition Vegan Bars!

Life is good!

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