Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Tea Kettle

To be a tea kettle in our home takes true bravery I feel that I should share this as a blog as I wonder quite frankly I cannot be alone in my mishaps with the tea kettle or even boiling the hard boiled eggs past edible and destroying a perfectly other wise indestructible pot!

I have been quite sick these past few weeks and I am already diagnosed with a hearing loss in both ears, so although I may look perfectly normal (which is open to interpretation) I have a disability which cannot be seen but the complications from this disability definitely can be seen by all! and even heard by most!

My little dog Hammer started barking and running in circles I told him to chill, an hour later I decide time to go out for a walk and that is were I met the kettle, which was now no longer red but a chilling maroon, the whistle had melted right off the kettle and it was ready to be a test rocket to the ceiling of the kitchen.

This is the second kettle which I have destroyed although it is still kinda usable and as I do not hear the whistle is okay it does not function! the first kettle buckled and did explode.

Please be careful when you boil the pot of water and remember it is boiling!! My hearing impediment is quite dangerous with a memory like a sieve!!

This is Hammer telling me there is something frightening happening in the kitchen!! Maybe one day if the steam out of the kettle hits a sensor the lights blink in my home so I can save the tea kettle before it becomes scrap metal!


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    1. LOL Thanks Ian I am the proud owner of a beautiful electric red tea kettle thanks to a good friend Jane !!