Monday, February 20, 2012

Pasadena Rock n Roll half marathon

The Rock n Roll half marathon at Pasadena was my first race after injury and sickness had side lined me for 3 weeks, I was eager to race but also apprehensive, would my foot hold up, would my calf muscle take the stress of asphalt! would my fitness be there despite no speed work or specific training! Ready or not race day was around the corner and Friday I began to think about preparation.
AL Suzy and Hammer before the event with cookie not paying attention!

My preparation was cycling to Pasadena on Friday to pick up my race number thanks to Brooks very much appreciated. I carefully read the instructions despite having done many races over 20 years every race has different rules and quickly found out;

1. Hammer my mini pin would not be allowed to run with me!

With all this in mind Saturday came and I cycled easy in the morning then came down with nausea and sickness!! I knew I just needed to rest and decided to keep well hydrated and eat my favorite pre race food pizza!!! Later that evening I found out Al would be able to stay and watch the event as his Archery tournament had been cancelled due a wee run in Pasadena!

Hammer and Suzy in Corral number one, he still thinks he is running...

with only 20 minutes left I peel off my warm hammer jacket for a final picture with Hammer

 My choice for 13.1 miles was regards race nutrition 3 expresso hammer gels in one of my fuel belt bottles and plain water in the other and 6 endurolytes. There was plenty of water on the course but no Hammer Gel!! The forecast said light showers that never happened!!! Thank Fully!!
Brooks night life gear always stands out!

I set my Polar RCX5 listen to the national anthem being sung already took a Hammer gel and water and then rock music began the the race was on!

I started way to fast taken up with the momentum of the other runners, I had to reel myself back and focus on my breathing, we went below suicide bridge and out onto the streets of Pasadena, it did not take long to get warmed up!!

Thanks to Craig I have an action shot taken at mile 9, by this time I just had to keep moving forward.
 Running 13.1 miles is very different from running 26.2 or an ultra run, and the pace was strong and my heart rate through the roof!!! I kept saying to myself only 5 miles to go, only 4 miles to go, and then I kept hoping my legs and heart would behave and get me safely across the finish line. I had specifically worn my Brooks Cascadias despite them being a trail running shoe they gave me great support and comfort on the asphalt!

Why can I not run Al?? Suzy is having all the fun! Please....

At Mile 3 it was pretty cool to see California Triathlon club volunteers man the whole water station and the format of the race allowed you to see the front and back end of the race. There was plenty of water and sport drinks available and medical tents along the way. I kept with my known and proven Hammer products.

The final 3 miles was around the Rosebowl and just after mile 10 I had a melt down and really needed to rearrange the furniture in my head to continue and keep on moving forward. But I did loose valuable minutes, I love to run and looked around at other runners and volunteers on the course plastered a smile across my face and carried on until I could finally see the finish chute.
I kept the smile but my speed was not there. I crossed the line in a reasonable time of 1 hour 41 minutes and yup 1 second! Running HAPPY!! The medal was hung around my neck time to cool down .....

After the event I was able to eat a tasty Hammer bar for my 10grams of Protien I was so happy not to have had any injuries!

Little frustrated with my self for loosing my focus but happy that I could keep the pace for as long as I did !!
A pose with Hammer and my medal
Hammer really wanted to run and really loves the Brooks Cascadias as when I wear them we go on great adventures!
All in all a great race, spent with family and lots of friends and runners!! I finished total time

Overall: 336 out of 5851
Division: 6 out of 379 in the Female 45-49 
Gender: 53 out of 3381

Thanks to Brooks USA for getting me to the race styling in Cascadias, and to Hammer Nutrition for my race day nutrition, Polar Monitors USA and to Rudy Project for my eye wear most importantly to my husband and my pets! What a great way to run an event! I am truly blessed!


  1. Awesome!

    I always ask if Sadie is allowed to run when it's not explicitly stated that she can't. And she's so happy when they say yes. Me too. :)

  2. Thanks Scott!!!there should be more run happy races with our four legged buddies!!!