Monday, May 26, 2014

Tour of California Stage 7 Santa Clarita to Pasadena.

I could not resist...I had found out that California Triathlon were hosting an "Epic Ride" which would be the same route the pro cyclists would do on the 7th day of the Tour of California I knew I would want to challenge myself. 
Ray Mena and I before we departed....
So I enrolled my friend Ray who needed a little bike ride to get ready for his upcoming Ironman in Colorado put our names on the roster and pow no turning back!

The Ride.
The day began at 5am, and all the bikes were put into a huge truck, then we boarded a bus and were shuttled to Santa Clarita. After given route maps, and the go ahead to begin the only thing on my mind was a bathroom!! After finding a bathroom at 6.30am we began the epic ride....

The first few miles to mile 30ish were flat and rolling hills, the pace was a moderate to serious pace, traffic lights would make me jump faster and work harder!!
It was a great day 6 hours and fueled by perpetuem, lots of climbing and two King of the Mountain stages.
All  smiles at mile 50 ish, felt great and was well fueled on Hammer Bars and gels , The climb in the Mountains was certainly spectacular and the ride was a once in a life time experience, As I carefully descended Mount Wilson I chuckled to my self as later the pro cyclists would do this same ride and they would just knock it out of the ball park!!!!  87 miles of rollers climbs and long descents when I finally rolled into Pasadena I was DONE!! ready to relax and watch the pros finish! Was an awesome day to be on two wheels, thanks to California Triathlon and INCYCLE bikes for a spectacular day and my friend Ray Mena for sharing the day.
After the fires the mountain recuperates..

Demi SC VELO and Mark Ray Cannondale

Ultraman Ohana
All SMiles Ray finshed!!

On course we are cycling junkies!!!

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