Monday, January 9, 2012

Beauty comes in all sizes

Wow 2012 is on and what will be YOUR  New Years Resolution? I have decided that I am going to make a difference in the lives of the many young and old male and females who suffer from eating disorders. Whether it is reaching out to a group or simply walking the walk that is my resolution!
This is a friend of mine Steve Vasquez before we ran the 5km and Hammer the mini pin.
 So on 7th January Hammer (my mini pin ) and I joined in on a local 5km run to celebrate the life of a young lady who lost her life to Anorexia Bulimea. Her name was Jackie Bristow and she was way too young to leave this world but left behind a caring and loving family who set up a foundation in her honor to help other families and people with eating disorders.

Hammer was really excited to be running this 5km as his mama (that would be me) had nearly died in 1990 with Anorexia Nervosa!
 I was amazed at how many people had turned up to run this event, there was 544 runners!! Plus a few dogs!! and a few runners with baby joggers!They also boasted a run for kids a mile in length.

The race began a little after 8am, We had been told that because Hammer was a little dog he would have to start at the back of the pack....mmm that did not sit well with Hammer and we promised to run in a straight line ....

The race began and suddenly everyone was running I quickly pressed my Polar monitor but Hammer was already running full speed ahead, his ears pinned back and was so excited he was barking woofs of joy! Very soon you could hear laughter as runners shouted out to Hammer go get them Tiger!! the more people laughed and clapped the harder  Hammer ran!

Here we are in the home straight, despite Hammer having to stop to drink water and take a potty break we still were flying around the 5km course!!His Brooks Bandera flapping in the wind !!

What can I say Hammer was first four legged to cross the line and I was the first 45-49 woman to cross the line, I had had so much fun with Hammer and for such an important cause. We had ran with happiness and laughter good enough for 8th Female over all and 2nd Master runner!

Like a true champ Hammer wanted to cheer every one to the finish line!
There was pancakes and a fantastic raffle, small booths set up to raise awareness for eating disorders lots of runners all shapes and sizes all ages etc... All running for one cause.

 There were tears to be shed later that afternoon, this was probably one of the most important medals I have earned in my 19 years of running, this was special this gave me goosebumps this was a medal that carried a powerful message...I could have died when my heart gave out in 1990 but I did not ! I was not given good odds to live but I survived and lived to tell a story many sufferers of Anorexia Nervosa do not...

Life is precious and we only have one life so make it count! Remember a kind word goes along way and not to tease what we do not understand.

If you know someone who needs help or a family who is coping with a loved one who has an eating disorder you are welcome to direct them to my web site.

Life is a gift.....

Photos were by Andrew Negrete

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